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None of this information would have been available at all without the work of bird ringers and those birders who patiently read the codes on rings and send the information through. To all of those, a big thank you. Ringing does not only help the study of the movements of birds, but also provides information of great value about various aspects of biology. How long a bird can live, in other words its longevity, is one of these.

The Greater Flamingo Phoenicopterus roseus. Ring Y[HIF]. Named "Fernando".

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It is, by far, the oldest bird that has been seen in Extremadura, as far as we know. During its lifetime, it has been seen many times, so many observations in fact that it could fill four pages of notes. It has only been seen once in Extremadura, as recorded above [ see video ]. Flamingos are long-lived birds, with birds in captivity easily exceeding 60 years and the author once saw in Almeria a group of five ringed flamingos with ages of 18, 18, 18, 22 and 23 years.

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Eurasian Spoonbill Platalea leucorodia. It is a male that had lost one of its rings, as can be seen in the photo, and thus could not be identified between and Afterwards it was seen during several years in Huelva on autumn migration, once in December and in Holland during the breeding season. The only sighting in Extremadura is the Portaje Reservoir record. In our region, Spoonbills of 18 and 19 years old have been seen. We have not found information about the oldest wild Spoonbill in Europe, but in captivity one reached 30 years and in America other species of spoonbills have reached 28 years in the wild.

Lesser Black-backed Gull Larus fuscus. Ring B[PC]. As can be seen from the photo, the ring is now in poor condition. The maximum age known for this species in the world was one of 34 years and 10 months, also from the UK. Common Crane Grus grus. In January and October it was accompanied by its mate, but without young.

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This bird exceeds the record of the oldest according to Euring for Europe, which cites a Swedish bird of 20 years and three months of age, although both are far from the record achieved by a bird of the eastern race lilfordi which reached 41 years old in the wild. In Extremadura we have another record of a crane in its 20 th calendar year, hatched in Germany and seen in Oliva de Plasencia Javier Prieta. Osprey Pandion haliaetus.

Ring G[J]. Mayordomo, J. It is therefore a bird in its 23th calendar year and more than 22 years old. This bird perhaps merits its own post, since it has been tracked for three seasons by satellite, as have one of its mates and some of its young all have wintered in Africa. One of its descendents is also part of an introduction project that has started in Urdaibai Vizcaya. The oldest Osprey known is one of 32 years old in North America and in Europe one of 26 years and 11 months in Finland. White Stork Ciconia ciconia. Ring W[F FS]. It was in its 22nd calendar year and 21 years and 10 months since being ringed.

The oldest ages published for this species are: 39 years for a wild bird in Switzerland and 48 years in captivity. Black Stork Ciconia nigra. Ring W[C HN]. Here we are talking about the dearly loved Choni , subject of one of the most popular posts in this blog [ readmore ]. It was seen for the last time in the summer of , in its 22nd calendar year and with more 21 years and 3 months since being ringed, it could be the longest lived Black Stork in the world.

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There is a published record of a bird of 18 years and 7 months from Poland and one of 31 years in captivity. In Extremadura we have records of a year old bird and one in its 11th calendar year. The seven cases above are the only ones citing birds of more than 20 years old in Extremadura. Examples of birds of great age, but less than 20 years old we have the following:. The oldest wild bird recorded in the world is 27 years old. This is a high average, given that the oldest of this species ever recorded is one of 15 years and 9 months from Denmark.

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Birds of more than 11 and 13 calendar years marked as adults have been seen on the Portaje Reservoir S. The oldest in captivity in the world was 31 years old, although a wild Pink-footed Goose has reached 41 years old. A few days ago news came out about a House Martin Delichon urbicum ringed in Badajoz city in and found dead in a pellet of a Tawny Owl, collected just metres from the site of ringing, eight years later. These are all extraordinary results for a species which on average will live for just two or three years.

She was marked in when five years old.

It is said that other albatrosses have lived longer, but that this has not been confirmed with marked birds. The following is a Tufted Duck Aythya fuligula of more than 45 years and three months, a Fulmar Fulmarus glacialis of more than 43 years and 11 months and an Oystercatcher Haematopus ostralegus of 43 years and 4 months.

As one can see, seabirds, waterfowl and waders can reach great age, but also raptors Golden Eagle 32 years, Eagle Owl 27 years and even smaller birds like Alpine Swift 26 years and passerines Raven 23 years, Common Starling 23 years. There is a Greater Flamingo in a zoo in Adelaide Australia which is more than 80 years old , having lived there since , when it arrived as an adult.

In a zoo in Chicago there is a cockatoo Lophochroa leadbeateri 80 years old , called Cookie , which hatched in The longest-lived mammal appears to be a Bowhead Whale Balaena mysticetus. Additional studies based on the eye structure affirm the possibility that the species could reach years old.

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Labels: black stork , common crane , greater flamingo , house martin , lesser black-backed gull , osprey , spoonbill , white stork. Photo Pedro Schreur y Godfried Schreur. On this occasion the official data has been published much earlier than usual and has been covered extensively in the press. Overall, it has been yet again another excellent season for the species, with a new record of pairs in the peninsular in Spain and 11 in Portugal , 27 more than the previous year, an increase of 7.

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Extremadura continues to be the region with the slowest increase of Spanish Imperial Eagle, from being second position in to the penultimate in In these 15 years of exhaustive monitoring, the population has multiplied three-fold across Spain , but only by 1. In comparison, in Castilla — La Mancha the population has risen by more than four times, and around 3. Madrid for its part has doubled its figures, whilst in Portugal the population has grown from a single pair in to 11 pairs ten years later. Almost certainly, the different trends shown are closely related to the conservation status of rabbit populations.

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