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Rebuscando en las notas de Mami, de retiro, meditaciones, encontre lo siguiente como marcador de una de las tres Biblias que ella seguia. Dice El mensaje esencial de Jesus en el Evangelio es " Vivir para los demas.. Vida de Servicio" y luego :En el Amor esta la perfeccion del ser humano. Dios nos manda a amar y eso nos reealiza, nos hace crecer. Aquellos que aman conocen a Dios, porque Dios es amor" y asi muchas otras nota de espsiritualidad posiblemente ?

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Just a testament to what wonderful parents we have. I am almost done with school, YEAH! My mom's wedding was beautiful and very relaxed. It took place at the beach, on the beach. There were only 30 people, mostly family.

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I am glad you are doing ok, I know it is very hard to lose someone you love and it takes a lot of time to move on, not let go, but just move on. I can't imagine losing my parents, it is something that I see as being so much worse than when my grandparents died and that was awful. Did you know that when they were in that car accident I was the first to arrive in Miami because I lived in Orlando and when I got to the hospital your mom and dad were there and it was probably in the morning?

When I arrived I was not as alone as I felt, they were there with warm hugs and tremendous sympathy. It was such a comfort to me to know that someone was there with my grandfather who was still on life support and that they were there for me when I needed someone. You are truly blessed with a loving family. Love Christina Raqui - thanks so much for sharing. But I'm not surprised at all because they have both always been willing to go the extra mile for friends as well as strangers. For how many years did mom cook meals for St.

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Martha's soup kitchen? Even when she was pretty ill, she would still find time to prepare food for strangers. And how many beautiful stories did we hear about dad at his retirement party? We've really been blessed with amazing parents. Maria Elena Boza. The Dr HM who has never seen he before..

In the next couple of days, the procedure, and Our Lady, plus her Guardian Angel, has allowed a measure of clinical improvement. Also her previous BNP came down fro to Sort of escargot.. I have thanked You a thousand times for my roses, but never once for my thorns. Teach me the glory of the cross I bear; teach me the value of my thorns. Show me that I have climbed closer to You along the path of pain.

Show me that, through my tears, the colors of Your rainbow look much more brilliant.

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God Bless all of you. Be thankful for all that the Lord does for you. I ask for 5 years directing the Philadelphia Symphonic Orchestra Eugene Ormandy ,,, five years as a succesful pitcher in the Grand Leagues..

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Eliot's drama, Murder in the Cathedral, Becket faces a final temptation to seek martyrdom for earthly glory and revenge. With real insight into his life situation, Thomas responds: "The last temptation is the greatest treason: To do the right deed for the wrong reason. Raquel was discharged yesterday from Mercy Hospital.. She keeps a very strong Spirit and her sense of humor.. Goes something like this. In that spirit thanks to you all, Blessings and the best for you all and dear ones in May the Lord make his countenance to shine upon you and be propitious to you.

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Raquel is now in her third hospitalization within this month. She is now in the Catholic Hospice Program at Mercy for seriously ill persons. We do thank you all for your prayers and e-mails. She is very weak bust fully cognizant.. Many many "extrema-unciones" for the last year.. We have lived for the last 22 years a daily miracle, that eventually was taken for granted..

Now, we are in full acceptance of God's, loving embrace..

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Thanks to you all and blessings to you and your dear ones Cuando me suceda, rezo por esa persona en particular.. Alter 22 years of very painful, trying illness, Raquel passed away yesterday Memorial Day May 26th at 9. I just wanted to write you on this evening of evenings.

I'm not the best person at writing or saying these sort of things… but with the recent passing of Abuela and all the things I've been feeling and going through both emotionally and externally I felt compelled to write this sooner rather than later… And please bear with me. I'm very verbose. I seldom proofread. Make little sense at times. And write from a stream-of-thought for the most part so you may have to read more into the general subtext of what I'm trying to say then what I've actually written. I want you to know that I've always felt great pride to be your grandson and the first-born grandchild in our family.

I want you to know that I have great respect and admiration for both you and Abuela and the sacrifices you've made for all of us. My mother used to tell Jenny and I stories about you and Abuela during the revolution and when you were in medical school and the hardships of life in Cuba and coming to the United States… I've never forgotten those stories.

Not a single one. I'm so sorry I wasn't there when Abuela passed. I really am. I'm glad though to know that she was surrounded by the family and loved ones in her final hours. I hope it nursed any pain that she was experiencing. I should've been there. I wish I'd have been able to tell Abuela that I admired how strong and fierce she was. She was always gentle but tough and steadfast and fought for what she believed in. Even in the end. I'm so thankful I got to speak to her briefly that day. I asked her how she was doing.

She said she knew she was dying but that she was proud of me and loved me. Those words will live with me for the rest of my life. From Carlos E Rivera at Abuela's passing..