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The Denominación de Origen Inter-Professional Valdepeñas Association “Las palabras que nos permiten conocer la esencia de los hombres y las cosas.
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Some retailers declined to carry it, religious organizations and politicians condemned it, and it was refused classification altogether in Australia. Archive By email More featured articles.

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At an average altitude of metres, the chalky, sandy and clayey soil in the region is perfect for growing the best-quality vines. Miocene, Triassic and Silurian, making for soil rich in limestone, sand and chalk deposits. The land used for growing wine, being the vast majority, is mainly sandy, fairly clayey and has a reddish, yellowy colour.

It is lighter in the upper layers and can even appear almost white. The rest of the vines are on Ordovician terrain a period during the Paleozoic Era between the Cambrian and Silurian , which has evolved into brownish southern soil or Mediterranean reddish soil. With little rainfall between and litres per metre squared and at metres above sea level, this is an extremely arid area that sees frosts well into the spring, when the plants start to bud.


As a result, the area offers relatively lower yields, offset by its peerless capacity to produce the finest quality wines. Close Quality Awards. The wines are assessed by a process of blind tasting, using the classification system recommended by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine OIV. Winners of the award receive an accrediting certificate and an adhesive medal, which helps to differentiate their wines and provides added value for the end consumer.

Download winwries list in PDF. Your Email required. Your Message. Saltar al contenido. Wines with stories to tell. Reservas with secrets to share. They have been grown throughout the centuries, since the times when history blurs into myth. These vines are known to have existed in Babylonia and were grown by the first Pharaohs of Egypt.

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However, it was the Greeks and the Phoenicians who developed viticulture in a more systematic manner and introduced it across their colonies. These two cultures are the main primary sources of knowledge and the subsequent evolution of winegrowing in the West. This development was especially significant in Mediterranean countries such as Spain, France and Italy. Production Area.