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Arandia Turismo Ezcaray - Barrio Soleta 6, Ezcaray - Rated based on en el Alto Valle del Oja, teniendo como punto de referencia la propia localidad. actual se nos ocurrió que podía ser una forma de tener a la gente entretenida. día 13 para hacer coincidir nuestra publicación en fechas de Semana Santa.
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Live stuff for sure, but the photo, there's a testimony. Throughout the year we will post more of this guy. Happy Santa Barbara day. Immersed in full Santa Barbara parties but without celebrating them. What a paradox right? Some parties that in Ezcaray have been and will always be of great tradition, enjoyment and good atmosphere.

Ambient of families of crew and friends. Party music atmosphere and having fun. Good eating mount romage atmosphere and good drinking. And this is how these two photographs of two historic ones of the many we've had and have in Ezcaray. Maybe someone can illustrate us about the origin of that great glass or what became of it. Big, small, older, kids. Ultimately, the essence party, of our beloved Ezcaray. These days it's being watched very well and up to twice a day.

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Today Tuesday in 17 minutes we will see her. Datos paso por La Rioja. We live in the times of communication. Just have to be stuck in one of the numerous networks and check it out. Information rains us everywhere, as images. Sometimes we become casual correspondents and tell the news and events at the time when these happen.

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And if you find yourself in Ezcaray at that precise moment, because you can tell the world at the same moment. And so these photographs tell us unique, funny and even sometimes unrepeatable moments. Situations you don't expect but suddenly surprise you around any corner, without prior notice. Throughout the year we will count in photographs, those moments where there was a mistake or something went wrong, by neglect, by accident, or who knows why other reasons.

Funny thing is that the photographer was always there. Willing to immortalize for history, that casual event.

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When the ticket didn't just fall. When the Sheriff has to attend to Cleopatra. When the Street View car is caught in Kiosk Square. When you think the stubborn can't catch up with you.

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When you go for beans and knew it could rain. When you wanted to make a panoramic of Ezcaray and the fog came before you. When you transhumance by Soleta. When they removed the fountain from Vegetables Square. When they removed the nest from the storks From the neighborhood of Soleta we want to send a virtual greeting and hug to all the village of Ezcaray and to everyone in general.

A few months ago we had an idea to decorate the houses in our neighborhood on candle day and make it more beautiful, if it fits. At that time we were still "free". It was about every house having a sign-like sign with a word that could somehow evoke our neighborhood, a state of emotion Then the idea also carried with it that every word started with the letters that make up Soleta. S O L E T With the current situation it occurred to us that it could be a way to keep people entertained. And so ideas and words emerged.

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  8. We have also counted on the collaboration of people who in these days of confinement wanted to help and show us their art and good doing. We have more than 50 words and, so far about 30 have already turned into posters. Recycled wood, size, paint, fabric, stone, glass, rope and many hours of work have been used in this project that in addition to being a gift for each house is, or rather it will also be for the view of our visitors. We don't know if it will be for this year or when but the work there is.

    If the Night is celebrated this year, we will do it without music. Out of respect for the deceased during this pandemic. We leave you here a small sample of the finished, without forgetting a special thanks for these people who have carried it out. Adriana Diaz will be joining them soon. Ricardo Aransay is with Julen Alesanco Arrea and 36 others. It looks like you may be having problems playing this video.


    If so, please try restarting your browser. Ayuntamiento de Ezcaray. Y Aleluyas After more than forty years without coming here, he came back and I was chatting with him. He turned out an endearing and close person and remembered with nostalgia Ezcaray for a very concrete reason. Javier was a member of the Emmaus Trappers, which existed throughout Spain and in this case they traveled the Rioja and Ezcaray. This collective worked as many will remember, as what is today Chavicar, which is like a branch of Caritas. They collected all sorts of objects, worn clothes, anyway everything that could be useful to the needy, and useless to those who got rid of it.

    It was like recycling from the 70 s but for charitable purposes. I vaguely remember them with a car, and my mom when something was no longer worth this for Emmaus.

    This young man landed by Ezcaray as by chance and at the time he had no vocation as he himself says, you're welcome in particular. This photograph was taken at Ezcaray Parish House and a few months ago he sent it to me. He wanted to know if we still kept in our village an image that he never forgot. In this image from we can see a young Javier atavier like the "Hippie" style of the time, with that perennial smile on his face, especially that day for having found almost in rubble, the image of our San Benito.

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