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Fun and thoughtful. Manages to compress Spain's rich modern history into the background and success of a small community of people in a small community. If you want a fresh look at the old struggle. Helps one when depressed about everything changing for the worse. Ver todas las opiniones de Estados Unidos.


Las mejores opiniones internacionales. This is an off-beat tale from Spain of the mayor and his village who took austerity by the scruff and made a living out of it. Times is hard in Spain, I know, I live there. So when you hear about the village against the world, remember that the world has not used this small community with humanity and the world needs a well-aimed kick to remind it of its obligations.

The world in question is that of the EU and of the Spanish government which made some extraordinary concessions just to keep the mayor and the or so inhabitants of Marinaleda off its back; concessions that enabled the community to take control of its own affairs and achieve a measure of dignity and satisfaction. Dan Hancox tells the tale well enough but the true centre of our attention is the people and especially the mayor, a figure often derided by commentators for his dogged concentration on the job in hand.

It seems that the world prefers colour, the grand vision and a touch of scandal and hopes for failure to make a piquant story. Marinaleda is modest pragmatic success on a small scale and makes a very good story for those who like a story about good people.

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This is not for the tabloid reader. Oh, and I almost forgot to say that the mayor, Sr. Gordillo, is a communist not exactly flavour of the month: not a selling point. When I read this book my faith in humanity got a bit stronger. It weakens at the thought that the people who should read it probably won't. Gracias por su comentario. Lo sentimos, no hemos podido registrar tu voto. Vuelva a intentarlo. Here is an example of anarchism in action. It is not about every man, woman and child for themselves, but the total opposite. It is about a community, a very poor community of agricultural workers, making a life for themselves instead of having to depend on the owners of huge latifundias and the State.

An inspiring tale in a world where so much of the wealth is held by so few. In Spain, there are still huge landed estates who only employ labour as it is needed. This may mean that, for six months of the year or more, there is no work, and when there is work, it will be for only a few days per week.

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This results in a large redundant labour force in a country with the highest unemployment rate in Europe. So, The Village Against the World gives us all hope that there is another way. There is enough for everyone if we act together. A quiet and profound revolution. A very interesting story worth knowing.

Hancox is sensitive to the tendency to ridicule this village and for most of the book he struggles to maintain a descriptive tone in his account of its present and past and not descend into explicit eulogy. But for my taste the account lacked historical background and contextualisation, although that is information one can find elsewhere, and I will.

One annoying red thread in the book is the discussion about the role of the leader, which seemed very parochial and hardly logical.

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Why would the author spend most of his time proving the exceptionality of the situation, only to dedicate the rest to defending the situation against the very habitual accusations left wing movements are subject to since the cold war era i. There was some implicit scheme, probably intrinsic to internal discussions amongst left activists like the author, that the village was being judged against, almost to see if it deserved their endorsement. And this created a slightly awkward background to the story, against which it was nice to perceive that the village couldn't give a damn about what the latest lefty social movement thinks of it.

They've been at it for years, and, hopefully, they will be for many to come. One major issue that was understated in the book was land. The author does seem to agree with the younger generations, who see the village economic policy as outdated and in need to embrace the potential of the 'immaterial economy', but in this they are all very wrong. This is a thought making book, it makes you realize that there are nicer and more human way's for people to exist in our harsh money driven economy. Read it and think, at least you will smile and dream. Be prepared to have your old thoughts about the solutions to economies and politics overturned.

Well written without bias either way. It does help to be aware of the causes of all the trials and tribulations of the Spanish people and the injustices that stem from about years ago. A really good read! Dare we believe that there could be a workable alternative to capitalism. Dan Hancox has told this incredible story with skill and sensitivity, whilst remaining non-judgemental. I bought this book virtually to everyone I needed a gift for and everybody loved it.

The story is interesting, amusing and moving and the whole book is beautifully presented.

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Two thumbs up. Wonderful and insightful book, sensitively written. Highly recommended. Anyone who wants to know that capitalism is not the only answer should read this book.

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It arrived on time and at a good price but the story is inspiring. I enjoyed reading Dan Hancox's account of Marinaleda. It is thorough and well-written. The author has a clear bias but he still raises important questions about the upcoming challenges for the village to maintain its structure. I found it interesting and inspiring to get to know a place that shows different models are possible. Haven,t read it yet but looks very interesting. Heard about it on Radio 4 but my daughter who lives in Andalucia has known about the village for years. Arrived quickly.

Well written and interesting account of the village Marinaleda's creation a different way of life from the rest of Andalucia' Clear and thought provoking of how the small can succeed against the established powers but also the cost involved. Amazing book. Well written.

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