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One of these came to be known as El Provencio, which was situated between Murcia and the regions owned by Spanish religious orders. Don Alfonso of Aragon became the first count of this Castilian area. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Municipalities in the province of Cuenca. National Statistics Institute.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Flower harvesting and production process are carried out only in certain municipalities of Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca and Toledo. The Crocus Sativus, L. The harvesting, separation of stigma from flower process and toasting of the stigmas are carried out in a particular manner and under specific conditions. It is marketed and packaged in containers not exceeding a net weight of g, and never in bulk. The saffron must be packaged and marketed the year prior to its packaging.

Purity, physicochemical and sensory characteristics and organoleptic assessment of the saffron are shown in this table. In the heart of la Mancha From the Mediterranean, saffron very likely arrived with the Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans, but it was the Arabs who were mainly responsible for its expansion throughout the entire Iberian Peninsula.

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Ceremonies and symbols as regards La Mancha Saffron still survive in the villages, meeting ideological functions and social cohesion, which imbue an added value to the recognised quality of this very characteristic product. The harvesting of the flower The weather conditions of the production area of the saffron under the PDO La Mancha Saffron make the flowers bloom between the second fortnight of October and the first fortnight of November. The separation of stigma from the flower process from the saffron flower The harvested flowers immediately undergo separation of stigma from flower or plucking of the saffron stamens process.

The drying The process of drying applied to the stigmas which are obtained from the plucking process is a crucial stage in the manufacture of the saffron under the PDO La Mancha Saffron, as it plays a determining role in:.

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The moisture content Its colouring power The aroma The physicochemical and biological stability. The drying process of the saffron is strongly tied to the gained expertise of the producers and tradition, and still in most cases is based on personal decisions as regards the appearance taken on by the spice during the drying process.

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The dried saffron is quickly stored in containers with protects their contents from moisture and light, and at a moderate temperature. Quickest way to get there Cheapest option Distance between. Can I travel domestically within Spain? Some domestic travel restrictions began to ease in Spain from May 9.

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Are there restrictions on leaving Spain? Launch map view. Train operators.

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Train at Barcelona Estacio de Francia. Regional train interior.

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