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León, Spain

Italy English Italiano. Following its partial depopulation due to the Umayyad conquest of the peninsula. After a period of stagnation during the early modern age , it was one of the first cities to hold an uprising in the Spanish War of Independence , and some years later, in acquired the status of provincial capital.

The end of the 19th and the 20th century saw a significant acceleration in the rate of urban expansion, when the city became an important communications hub of the northwest due to the rise of the coal mining industry and the arrival of the railroad. Tacitus calls the legion Galbiana , to distinguish it from the old Legio VII Claudia , but this appellation is not found on any inscriptions.

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It appears to have received the appellation of Gemina [9] on account of its amalgamation by Vespasian with one of the German legions, probably the Legio I Germanica. After serving in Pannonia, and in the civil wars, it was settled by Vespasian in Hispania Tarraconensis, to supply the place of the Legio VI Victrix and Legio X Gemina , two of the three legions ordinarily stationed in the province, but which had been withdrawn to Germany.

The station of the legion in the territory of the Astures grew into an important city, which resisted the attacks of the Visigoths until AD , when it was taken by Leovigild ; and it was one of the few cities which the Visigoths allowed to retain their fortifications. The same fortress, which the Romans had built to protect the plain from the incursions of the mountaineers, became the advanced post which covered the mountain, as the last refuge of Cisastur Tribes.

However, there is no notice of resistance whatsoever. An attempt was made by the invaders to settle the strongholds with Berbers came in a military capacity, but the scheme was abandoned when the Berbers of northern Iberia rebelled against the Arabs and gave up their positions to join the revolt around Towards the year , a group of Mozarabs Christians who did not flee from the Muslims and lived under the Muslim regime tried to repopulate the city, but a Muslim attack prevented that initiative.

Sacked by Almanzor in about , the city was reconstructed and repopulated by Alfonso V , whose Decree of regulated its economic life, including the functioning of its markets. His son, Alfonso X divided the kingdom again in his testament, but it was not accepted by the King of Castile, who rejoined both crowns. Suburbs for traders and artisans sprang up, who, after the 13th century, began to influence the municipal government.

During the early Middle Ages , the livestock industry produced a period of prosperity for the city. In the 16th century, economic and demographic decline set in and continued until the 19th century. A popular and local political movement was opposed to being ruled from Madrid. Leonese customs include the Semana Santa " Holy Week " , featuring numerous processions through the centre of the city. One of them is the so-called "Procession of the Meeting", which acts out the meeting of three groups representing Saint John , the Virgin Mary and Christ , in the esplanade in front of the old council.

During these days several concerts and festivals take place and the whole city is occupied by terraces and street markets where Leonese people celebrate the beginning of the summer, especially on San Juan's night June 23 when fireworks and bonfires take place. Frost is common in the early hours of the morning before the dawn during the coldest days of the winter, but normally melts after sunrise.

Snowfalls are not rare in the city 9 days a year , however heavy snowfalls are extremely rare. With about sunshine hours, the city enjoys a considerable amount of sunshine throughout the year. It offers mostly domestic flights within the country,. Air Nostrum offers flights from and to Barcelona, Spain. Besides the buses, there are plans to introduce tram lines in the city. The Leonese language derives directly from Latin and developed in the Middle Ages. At the end of the s, several associations unofficially promoted Leonese language courses.

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This course is for pupils in their 5th and 6th year of primary school and year-olds , where Leonese language is taught with Leonese culture. More than one hundred people are studying Leonese in adult classes in — There are five levels for adults in the official courses developed by the Department for Leonese Culture of the Leonese City Council.

In the last municipal elections 22 May the results were:. The mayor is Emilio Gutierrez, from the PP.