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The main provenances were: 1 the Mediterranean region, especially the southern Iberian Peninsula and Morocco, through the trade winds in the MBL. And 3 the Sahel, characterized by low pollen concentrations of Arecaceae, Chenopodiaceae-Amaranthaceae, Cyperaceae and Poaceae wild type in sporadic episodes. This research shows that sporadic events of long-range pollen transport need to be taken into consideration in Tenerife as possible responsible agents in respiratory allergy episodes.

Wave and offshore wind potential for the island of Tenerife. To accomplish this goal it should develop the renewable sources, in particular wave and offshore wind energy. The objectives of this work are twofold; i to characterize the wave and offshore wind power distribution around the island and ii to determine which offshore area is best suited for their exploitation, taking into account the resource and other conditioning factors such as the bathymetry, distance to the coastline and ports, and offshore zoning.

To carry out this research, hindcast wave and wind data obtained with numerical models are used alongside observations from meteorological stations. One area, in the vicinity of Puerto de la Cruz , is identified as having great potential for installing a hybrid floating wave—wind farm.

Both resources are characterized for the area selected: the wave resource in terms of wave directions, significant wave heights and energy periods; the offshore wind resource in terms of directions and speeds in addition to the seasonality for the both resources. It is found that most of the wave resource is provided by N and NNW waves with significant wave heights between 1. It follows that the Wave Energy Converters deployed in the area should have maximum efficiency in those ranges.

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We present the results of fog water collection obtained with cylindrical fog gauges at three locations on the northern side of Tenerife island Spain : La Esperanza m a. Concomitant meteorological variables were also measured. We show that fog precipitation was more frequent than rainfall. There are more than a hundred volcanic caves and pits of various lengths on the island of Tenerife Canary Islands, Spain.

The results are presented of atmospheric radon measurements performed in three of these caves and in three pits. One of the caves selected, El Viento Cave, is nearly 20 km in length and is the longest volcanic tube in the Canarian archipelago and the second longest in the world. The measurements were performed over two distinct periods during the year using passive polycarbonate detectors.

The mean radon concentrations range between 0.

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Possible touristic development of these caves has been taken into account in estimating the effective doses for visitors and guides considered separately. The values obtained range from 0. The largest effective dose would correspond to that for guides at 41 mSv. This result would make protection against radiological hazards obligatory if the cave were to be developed as a site for tourism.

Impact of provincial characteristics on the number of traffic accident victims on interurban roads in Spain. This study has two aims. The first is to determine how various factors impact on the number of fatalities, serious injuries and slight injuries adjusted for the level of traffic on interurban roads in Spain. The second is to establish the number of victims per million vehicle-kilometres veh-km travelled on interurban roads in each province resulting from the effect of its specific characteristics. To this end, we developed six fixed effect panel data models with panel corrected standard errors for the period.

Our results show that while the proportion of high capacity roads, the unemployment rate and the motorization rate contribute to a reduction in the number of fatalities, serious injuries and slight injuries adjusted for level of traffic, the penalty-points licence system is effective in reducing the number of fatalities and serious injuries but not the number of slight injuries.

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Thus, greater public investment and more socially responsible behaviour are essential tools for reducing the number of traffic accident victims on Spanish interurban roads. Moreover, the provincial institutions emerge as key agents in improving road safety, due to their greater knowledge of the specific conditions and factors affecting each province. One telescope fiber feeds a bench-mounted high-resolution echelle spectrograph while the other telescope feeds a wide-field imaging photometer.

Both scopes work autonomously by means of artificial intelligence. Not only that the telescopes are automated, but the entire observatory operates like a robot, and does not require any human presence on site. The impact of training in solution-focused brief therapy on professional beliefs, practices and burnout of child protection workers in Tenerife island. This paper presents the first results of a large-scale research project on the child protection services in Tenerife , Spain. Higher scores in a variety of deficit-based beliefs and practices were associated with highe Waste Water reuse in Tenerife.

Equipment to improve water quality for agriculture use; Reutilizacion de aguas depuradas en la Isla de Tenerife. Instalaciones para la mejora de la calidad para uso agricola. In this work it is briefly shown the infrastructure of reclaimed water reuse for agriculture in Tenerife Canary Islands- Spain. The problems dealing with the lack of water resources in the island and the growth of reclaimed water demand are explained. It is also commented the invetment done in the actual infrastructure, analizing the more economically important items.

This work compares the price of reclaimed water with the price of the conventional irrigation water.

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Finally, the process of waste water desalination down to the required salinity is shortly explained and the cost of it is also evaluated. Author 13 refs. Characterizing rainfall in the Tenerife island. In many locations, rainfall data are collected through networks of meteorological stations. The data collection process is nowadays automated in many places, leading to the development of big databases of rainfall data covering extensive areas of territory.

However, managers, decision makers and engineering consultants tend not to extract most of the information contained in these databases due to the lack of specific software tools for their exploitation. Here we present the modeling and development effort put in place in the Tenerife island in order to develop MENSEI-L, a software tool capable of automatically analyzing a complete rainfall database to simplify the extraction of information from observations.

MENSEI-L makes use of weather type information derived from atmospheric conditions to separate the complete time series into homogeneous groups where statistical distributions are fitted. Normal and extreme regimes are obtained in this manner.

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These techniques also serve to generate the spatial regimes of precipitation, both normal and extreme ones. MENSEI-L makes use of weather type information to also provide a stochastic three-day probability forecast for rainfall. La Ex Hacienda de Santa Cruz. Full Text Available Ex hacienda Santa Cruz was chosen to show the differences in the geographic and economic structure, and the historic causes that originated them, as an example of ihe situation in the northem part of Campeche.

These poetic portraits serve to counter the primarily misogynistic portrayals of ruling women of the seventeenth century.

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Most importantly, Sor Juana increased the visibility of the vicereine in colonial…. Parasites of Columba livia Aves: Columbiformes in Tenerife Canary Islands and their role in the conservation biology of the Laurel pigeons. Full Text Available The prevalence and intensity of the parasites from 50 wild doves Columba livia from the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife , in the island of Tenerife Canary Archipelago, were studied. Several species detected in our study can be pathogens for C.

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Parasites ectoparasites, protozoa and helminths of C. Parasites of Columba livia Aves: Columbiformes in Tenerife Canary Islands and their role in the conservation biology of the laurel pigeons.

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  • The prevalence and intensity of the parasites from 50 wild doves Columba livia from the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife , in the island of Tenerife Canary Archipelago , were studied. Geographic variability of fatal road traffic injuries in Spain during the period — an ecological study. Full Text Available Abstract Background The aim of the present study is to describe the inter-province variability of Road Traffic Injury RTI mortality on Spanish roads, adjusted for vehicle-kilometres travelled, and to assess the possible role played by the following explicative variables: sociodemographic, structural, climatic and risk conducts.

    Methods An ecological study design was employed. The mean annual rate of RTI deaths was calculated for the period —, adjusted for vehicle-kilometres travelled, in the 50 provinces of Spain. The RTI death rate was related with the independent variables described above, using simple and multiple linear regression analysis with backward step-wise elimination. The mean number of deaths due to RTI per million vehicle-kilometres mvk travelled was 1. All other variables being equal, a higher proportion of kilometres available on high capacity roads, and a higher cultural and education level were associated with lower death rates due to RTI, while the opposite was true for the rate of alcohol consumers and the road traffic volume of heavy vehicles.

    The variables included in the model accounted for Conclusion Adjusting RTI mortality rates for the number of vehicle-kilometres travelled enables us to identify the high variability of this cause of death, and its relation with risk factors other than those inherent to human behaviour, such as the type of roads and the type of vehicles using them. Full Text Available These cereal and oil-cake silos are made up of 10 exterior cylindrical cells, with an inner diameter of 6 m and a height of The cells are joined together by means of walls whereby four additional octagonal cells are created.

    Out of these, three are subdivided into four cells and the fourth forms the central silo. Below this unit there is a corridor for the emptying of the silos. The work has been carried out with a travelling form with the following characteristics: mixed with regard to shape and materials; stiff, since the top platforms are connected; and it has a constant cross-section as the dimensions of the silos remain the same throughout the whole height. The form was lifted by means of elevation devices, controlled by a centralized hydraulic mechanism.

    For this reason, it was submitted to a great number of studies and tests until the requirements had been met. The construction was finished in record time: in the first place, because a detailed programme had been worked out in advance, consisting of a diagram of bars and preference network and secondly, because continuous concreting was applied with day and night shifts, whebery the foreseen two and a half months for finishing the silos were reduced to 12 days.

    Shallow sub-surface structure of the central volcanic complex of Tenerife , Canary Islands: implications for the evolution and the recent reactivation of the Las Canadas caldera. Mathematical construction of a subsurface model from the local anomaly data, employing a 3-D inversion enables mapping of the shallow structure beneath the complex, giving unprecedented insights into the sub-surface architecture of the complex, and shedding light on its evolution.

    Harold A. Hyde: Recollections of Santa Cruz County.

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    His contributions to California and Santa Cruz are documented in his oral history. Following infantry combat service with the U. Oligosaccharides isolated from Agave vera cruz. The structures of naturally occurring and enzymically synthesized oligosaccharides, consisting of fructose and glucose residues and having d. The naturally. Full Text Available We present the results of fog water collection obtained with cylindrical fog gauges at three locations on the northern side of Tenerife island Spain : La Esperanza m a.

    In La Esperanza, fog water harvesting occurred frequently, but was considerably lower than in the other two locations. However, while in Taborno fog water collection episodes were distributed throughout the period, in El Gaitero these were mainly concentrated in two periods, during autumn and winter — The study of the relationships between daily fog water yields and the averages of meteorological variables did not show any clear trend, but it suggested that the greater volumes of collected fog water were logically associated with higher wind speeds and lower solar radiation conditions.

    Fog water collection in La Esperanza and in Taborno typically occurred within a similar temperature interval 7. Archaeoastronomy and sacred places in Tenerife Canary Islands. For the last few years the authors have been investigating with work still in progress several archaeological sites of the indigenous culture of the island of Tenerife , in search of possible astronomical connections, be these of a calendric or religious nature. Of these sites, the authors will concentrate, within their archaeological context, on those containing small channels and carved "basins" or "hollows" and interpreted as probable cultic sites.