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There were clean streams everywhere. Mango and guava trees abounded. The trees and fruits have disappeared and Nairobi is now a dirty, concrete jungle. No building code is followed. I long to see a great Nairobi once again. There are those who are disappointed that I am running for public office. Why do I choose Parliamentary debates over sitting down with influential leaders to discuss how to innovate change?

I am running for office because we need to take charge of our elective politics. It is politics that determines our quality of life, our safety, health and even the quality of air that we breathe. I am running as an activist and will continue with the work l have being doing in the streets by means of pursuing a legislative agenda inside parliament. Our politics is misguided, overrun with money and false promises.

We need to elect leaders who can make our lives better and l have a good record of public service and a vision to improve Starehe. The people of Starehe have nothing to lose by electing someone who has been tried, tested and proven to be consistent.

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Starehe can be safer and cleaner and l cannot continue to stand by while it continues to disintegrate. I want to ensure that not only are the voices of the people in Starehe heard, but that the taxes we pay every year to the County and National governments are put to good use. My integrity is unquestionable. I am pushing for salary cuts, zero allowances, no car grants and for elected officials to use public hospitals whenever they need to seek medical attention.

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I will fight for all Starehe people to get access to quality public education, better healthcare and a cleaner, safer Nairobi. I will fight for greater working relationships between small traders, hawkers, boda boda riders and the county governments. I will work to ensure that their legitimate ways of earning a living are supported, rather than punished. Nairobi must be a united home of innovation and prosperity, shunning ethnic backgrounds, religion and class.

All this is achievable in Starehe and l believe, if elected as the MP of Starehe, that we shall build a new Nairobi. Stand with me. Support my campaign financially. Campaign for and with me. Vote for me. I cannot do this alone. I need your time and resources. Building a new Kenya is our collective responsibility. You can donate to our campaign Mpesa Paybill: Account number: TeamBonnie.

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Running for office has opened my eyes to the inequalities in this country. Yes, I grew up in the hood, but the level of poverty and hopelessness is worse than it was when l was young.

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  • I stumbled on three childhood friends, Fei Faith , Sam and Edu. We grew up together and today they live in an alley, called District 13 on Chai Road. District 13 lacks all amenities; housing, electricity, proper drainage, toilets and security. We reminisced about the good old days; when we could swim in Nairobi river, fish for tadpoles and run around city park. They are now representative of the great divide between the haves and the have nots. I have witnessed how tribalism continues to hoodwink the poor from uniting and fighting for a better Kenya. I got news for you, Kenya has only two tribes, the poor and the rich.

    The good news is, the tide is changing. Since the day I made the decision to run for the Starehe parliamentary seat, I knew the path I had chosen was an unpopular one and it was going to be incredibly difficult, but never did I imagine that I would experience the kind of love I have received from people I have never met before in my life.

    Beyond the mental push to keep up with a demanding schedule, raising campaign funds has proved to the greatest hurdle. Kenyan politics is awash with dirty money. Verratti Pirlo 8. Marchisio 9.

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