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More info and original published Church Executive. Asset Management has many roles and faces today. In modern business world, some are fascinated by its proliferation and complexity, similar to the admiration of a multitalented artist, who is all-in-one screenwriter, director and producer of the latest blockbuster. There are also others, who view modern Asset Management as the mythical Hydra that has spread all over and hijacked various management disciplines. Then, there are some clients and users who are The evolution of Asset Management AM , Facility Management FM and Property Management PM throughout the past few decades has led to significant integration of their professional functions and sharing of business concepts.

A concise comparison of AM vs. FM current identity will be useful to end users or clients of asset management services, as well as to professionals managing multiple physical assets and interested in integrating real estate, infrastructure, technology and people.

There are three major factors that determine differences between AM and FM:.

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Second, non-financial assets in any enterprise could be classified in two major categories according to their purpose of use:. Assets that are used to carry out primary business functions real estate, infrastructure networks, production machinery and equipment, plant facilities, tools, etc. They are within the scope of responsibility of AM. Assets that are used in support business functions buildings, infrastructure, vehicles, workplace facilities, mobile devices, IT equipment etc.

They are within the scope of responsibility of AM and FM. Once the playground is set up, let us focus at the concise comparison between AM and PM. Corporate social responsibility activities are out of AM's scope of work. For the Facility Manager the leading objective is optimal work environment. Most of corporate social responsibility initiatives are managed by FM Sin embargo, existen diferencias entre estos sistemas.

T ake the facilities-management department at The Ohio State University. Using BIM, the department began creating 3D, digital, intelligent project models of more than buildings and Because BIM enables OSU to involve building users earlier in the renovation process for adjustments before incurring construction costs , as well as provide energy-use analysis to help meet carbon-neutral goals, the savings are adding up. BIM data served as empirical proof of the need for new room finishes, flooring, roofing, and mechanical equipment that had previously been left unaccounted.

In turning to BIM for facilities management, a number of universities, hospitals, and private companies in the U. How BIM Helps. So, first, a little history. Mas info y publicacion original Business International Magazine. Un equipo bien formado y que conozca el funcionamiento de la empresa desde dentro puede convertirse en la base para que todo el negocio funcione de forma adecuada, atendiendo mejor las necesidades de la propia empresa y, en definitiva, mejorando la calidad del servicio para los clientes finales.

Contratar personal de una empresa significa pagar todos los meses. The report pointed out that various factors such as boom in real estate, increasing awareness levels, growth in retail and hospitality sectors are the major drivers of this sector. India's service sector is the fastest growing part of its economy," the study said. As per the report, the overall services sector held Commenting on the findings, GIFPMA President Amit Raual said: "Companies are increasingly concerned about the skills of the manpower provided by them with changing needs of the customer It was also found that the qualification and the minimum salary of the manpower vary with the type of service to be offered.

As per the report, with administrative and HR departments of around companies across India, 87 per cent of the respondents expect knowledge of basic English, 87 per cent of them expect dress code and 73 per cent expect tidiness and basic etiquettes. Talking about the salary structure, Raual said it varies with the type of service to be offered, which is lower in soft services. GIFPMA analysis highlights that soft services is dominating the market with the share of about 65 per cent, in which housekeeping and security occupy large shares of 45 per cent and 34 per cent respectively.

Services, the international trade fair for cleaning systems, building management and services, is the only trade event in Germany to cover the complete spectrum of cleaning industry products and services. With a professional supporting programme and special shows featuring state-of-the-art equipment, the CMS combines a full range of themes at the main meeting place for manufacturers, retailers and service providers.

The event sponsors and their international partners provide an industry-wide forum for exhibitors and visitors along with a top-notch congress programme. Germany is Europe's leading market for commercial cleaning technology and the building cleaning industry is one of the country's prime employers. With a view to this powerful market, Berlin, as a capital city and a top-ranking global metropolis, is an ideal place to present new products and services along with professional expertise and know-how.

Berlin is also a gateway to the international high-volume markets in Europe and overseas as well as the emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe. Otras noticias relacionadas y publicadas por Famase:. Prestadores de seguridad: empresas y servicios. Funciones actuales del Vigilante de Seguridad. Yet often, the role of the facility manager is seen as being just a simple tactical or technical function, no more important than mail or repographics. The reality is that for most organizations, real estate is the second highest expense after human resources.

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And if they own their facilities, real estate is also a valuable asset. So why is the contribution facility management makes to an organization often overlooked?


Quite simply because, by efficiently and effectively doing their job, most facility managers perpetuate the myth that they are just background — performing a necessary but non-critical function. And it means getting involved and advocating for new approaches to real estate and facilities. Begin by building personal knowledge.

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Network with other facilities professionals, attend conferences and read FM magazines. Building personal knowledge takes time, but it is necessary to provide leadership in facility management. Leadership in facility management should occur in all directions: downward to staff, sideways to colleagues and upward to senior management. Develop the facility management department into the professional operation it should be. Train and re-train staff. Establish procedures and conduct quality assurance and performance management.

Then develop initiatives, hopefully in collaboration with those departments, that relate to facility management responsibilities but that also affect those areas. For instance, instead of assuming that HR knows what is best for employees, take the leadership role and sell changes in the facility that improve employee satisfaction. Learn more about how space use affects worker productivity.

Find out the latest space allocation and layout approaches used by leading companies. Research what facilities-related amenities leading organizations use to recruit and retain employees. Then share this information with the HR department. Siempre ha habido dos referencias claras en el mundo del Facility Management. Pero todo ha quedado en papel mojado. Nosotros lo tenemos claro como facility managers. Necesitamos ahorros, todos los que seamos capaces de conseguir, pero no podemos descuidar el servicio.

Y encima, no podemos poner en marcha grandes proyectos con retornos a medio y largo plazo, no hay tiempo. Sacar a concurso los servicios ya lo hemos explotado muchas veces y los ahorros son los de siempre, ya no hay margen de maniobra.

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Publicado por IFMA. Este hecho conlleva a que este tipo de contratos se pacten a una mayor escala temporal a la que habitualmente estamos acostumbrados. No hay que olvidar que en este tipo de contratos, sean del tipo que sean, se tiende a contratar cierta cantidad de medios para garantizar los resultados finales, con lo cual, en muchos casos, el principal componente del coste es el de las personas. Seguir leyendo en la pubicacion original IFMA.

A growing number of corporate real estate and facilities professionals are choosing to outsource Enterprise Facilities Management EFM. Start your outsourcing journey on the right foot with these top 10 tips from Johnson Controls:. Align EFM with your core business: Specify the goals you want to achieve through outsourcing.

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Get stakeholder support: Engage people at all levels of the organization. You also need to make sure those charged with delivering and managing the contract are committed to seeing it through and can stay focused, determined in the face of resistance. A solid foundation of baseline data will help you clarify scope, cost, service levels, and required resources along with the best potential suppliers.

Quality data puts you in a position to determine the certainty of the commercial proposition, the simplicity and speed of implementing change, and quantify results.

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You can minimize the disruption of change by putting flexible agreements in place along with a governance structure see tip eight that evaluates needs and priorities on a regular basis. Define responsibilities, then let go: Empower your providers to deliver results. A primary advantage of outsourcing is that it allows internal teams privilege of focus, shifting their mindset from tactical to strategic. To enable this shift, roles and responsibilities must be clearly defined up front and openly communicated to all stakeholders. El Facility Management tiene una incidencia directa en la rentabilidad de los activos: optimiza los tiempos y reduce los costes.

El facility manager centro de la rentabilidad. Raggiungere le prestazioni energetiche attese attraverso i corretti processi di riqualificazione per poi garantirle o migliorarle in fase di gestione. A REbuild saranno dunque messe a confronto metodologie ed approcci finalizzati a garantire le prestazioni richieste dal progetto di riqualificazione, affrontando anche i comportamenti virtuosi e consapevoli degli inquilini nel gestire la casa. Madrid, 9 de junio de Nota de prensa publicada por IFMA.

This really is a broad spread, helping to further debunk any stereotype about facilities management as a purely office-based discipline. Of course, plenty of office-based sectors are represented. As for gender balance, the response mirrors the anecdotal evidence from recruitment agencies suggesting that, gradually, women are comprising an ever-growing percentage of the FM workforce. A small change, perhaps, but a welcome one.

Strategic planning and day-to-day operation. Facility management duties differ between organisations depending on the nature of the company.