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The focus of this article is the Special Court for Sierra Leone and the extent to which it can be said that the Special Court has already challenged, or will, in the future, challenge the tradition of impunity for gender-based crimes. In this regard, an analysis is undertaken of the Special Court Udgivelsesdato: december Restraining and releasing bends occurring in all crustal environments are common but enigmatic features of strike-slip fault systems.

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They can be reported in all scales of observation. Regional-scale restraining bends are sites of mountain building, transpressional deformation and basement exhumation. Releasing bends are sites of subsidence, transtensional deformation and pull-apart basins. Although a transpressional regime is commonly accepted for the Dom Feliciano Belt, the available tectonic models do not provide satisfactory explanations for its building mechanism. A restraining bend is proposed at the SW termination of Sierra Ballena strike-slip ductile shear zone. The deformation partitioning includes strike-slip and dip-slip simple-shear components as well as one contractional pure-shear component.

Because restraining bends were scarcely described in Neoproterozoic low-grade regional exhumation conditions, this structural framework would be a natural laboratory to study fault kinematics, fault dynamics, their associated deformation and the tectonic and erosion constraints related to the exhumation of many crystalline terrains.

The Western Sierras Pampeanas region in the San Juan Province is characterized by thick-skinned deformation with approximately N-S trending ranges of average heights of m and a high frequency occurrence of seismic activity. Geochemical analysis of atlantic rim water, carbon county, wyoming: New applications for characterizing coalbed natural gas reservoirs. Coalbed natural gas CBNG production typically requires the extraction of large volumes of water from target formations, thereby influencing any associated reservoir systems. We describe isotopic tracers that provide immediate data on the presence or absence of biogenic natural gas and the identify methane-containing reservoirs are hydrologically confined.

Isotopes of dissolved inorganic carbon and strontium, along with water quality data, were used to characterize the CBNG reservoirs and hydrogeologic systems of Wyoming's Atlantic Rim. Water was analyzed from a stream, springs, and CBNG wells.

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Strontium isotopic composition and major ion geochemistry identify two groups of surface water samples. To distinguish coalbed waters, methanogenically enriched?? Strongly positive?? The American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

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All rights reserved. Explaining the violence of civil war is never a simple task for the scholar. In the case of the Sierra Leone, paradoxically, the task has in some ways been rendered more difficult by the sheer variety of compelling scholarship on the question. This paper seeks to identify the most useful of the explanations offered thus far, and Rebellion and Agrarian Tensions in Sierra Leone. This paper assesses the extent to which customary governance in Sierra Leone can be held responsible for an increasingly unstable two-class agrarian society. A case is made for regarding the civil war — as being an eruption of long-term, entrenched agrarian tensions exacerbated by chiefly.

An original article should give sufficient detail of experimental procedures for For references cited in a paper which has been accepted for publication but not Rice genetic resources in postwar Sierra Leone. This research presents the effect of the year long civil war in Sierra Leone on rice genetic resources, using farmers and their seed systems in three selected districts as reference points.

The war disrupted all forms of production and development in the country and like other sectors of the. Laguna Madre is an important lagoon in the coast of Texas. It is one of the seven hypersaline lagoons in the world. Due to inflow of water with extreme amounts of phosphorus and nitrates and the low inflow of freshwater, the lagoon has high amount of phosphorus and nitrates which can be harmful for fish and plants situated in the lagoon. The goal is to be able to perform a filtration method with citrus peels biochar, and then to evaluate and compare the produced biochar, zeolite, and activated carbon as an infiltration filter by assessing reductions of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds, as well as sum selected trace elements.

Furthermore, the current research will investigate how long the cleaning capacity of biochar lasts and how the performance of the filter changes under an increased load of contaminants. The performance of biochar from different parent materials and recycling options for the used filter materials are also included in this research. Variables socionutricionales de hogares mazahuas integrados por preescolares desnutridos con madres con obesidad y sin obesidad. It is widely understood or assumed among scholars like Thomas Weiss, that civil wars in Africa are mainly wars for natural resources.

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In addition, as the title implies, this paper further aims to investigate the war in Sierra Leone and most Diosas y madres , el arquetipo femenino en Diego Rivera Diosas y madres , el arquetipo femenino en Diego Rivera. Crecer cuidando: el rol cuidador en las hijas de madres dependientes.

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  6. La participante realiza un cuidado singular y humanizado dirigido a las necesidades concretas de su madre , relacionando la historia de vida, el entorno familiar, social y cultural. Full Text Available The rural sector, in recognized declivity from second half of century XX, has experienced lately and in certain zones a transformation of the traditional monofunctional tendency, welcoming diverse economic activities as much of transformation as of benefit of services very closely bound to such factors that marginalized it, thanks to the conservation of its natural surroundings and its patrimony.

    This fact has given to capacity to the birth of a new modality of tourism, born under protection of a new demand where the recreation in conserved natural surroundings is considered like a true privilege within reach of all. Rasch analysis was applied using RUMM software to assess the overall fit for unidimensionality. The HAM-D6 containing the items When testing for invariance across rating weeks or centres, the RUMM First Guatemalan record of natural hybridisation between Neotropical species of the Lady's Slipper orchid Orchidaceae, Cypripedioideae.

    The first natural hybrid in the section Irapeana of the orchid genus Cypripedium is described and illustrated based on Guatemalan material. A molecular evaluation of the discovery is provided. Specimens with intermediate flowers between C. The analysis of plastid sequences indicated that the maternal line is C. Information about the ecology, embryology and conservation status of the novelty is given, together with a distribution map of its parental species, C.

    A discussion of the hybridization between Cypripedium species is presented. The potential hybrid zones between the representatives of Cypripedium section Irapeana which were estimated based on the results of ecological niche modeling analysis are located in the Maya Highlands C. Mesh convergence is also checked on a nightly basis for several of these tests.

    This document can be used to confirm that a given code capability is verified or referenced as a compilation of example problems. The project was designed to provide statistically robust assessments of untreated groundwater quality within the primary aquifer systems used for drinking water.

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    The primary aquifer systems hereinafter, primary aquifers for each study unit are defined by the depth of the screened or open intervals of the wells listed in the California Department of Public Health CDPH database of wells used for municipal and community drinking-water supply. The quality of groundwater in shallower or deeper water-bearing zones may differ from that in the primary aquifers; shallower groundwater may be more vulnerable to contamination from the surface.

    The assessments for the Tahoe-Martis, Central Sierra , and Southern Sierra study units were based on water-quality and ancillary data collected by the USGS from wells in the three study units during and and water-quality data reported in the CDPH database. Two types of assessments were made: 1 status, assessment of the current quality of the groundwater resource, and 2 understanding, identification of the natural and human factors affecting groundwater quality.

    The assessments characterize untreated groundwater quality, not the quality of treated drinking water delivered to consumers by water purveyors. Relative-concentrations sample concentrations divided by benchmark concentrations were used for evaluating groundwater quality for those. Juarez-Cossio, D. According to archaeological evidences, La Sierra Gorda valleys participated in commercial exchange with other regional sites, from Classic to Post-classic periods A.

    Birds of Sierra de Vallejo, Nayarit, Mexico. Sierra de Vallejo, is considered a priority region for conservation, and is strongly affected by anthropogenic pressures. The inventory of birds are refers to studies in near areas. This study is a concrete contribution of the birds of the mountain chain and north of it. We considered bibliographic records and databases available on the web with records of ocurrence and specimens of scientific collections.

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    Also we perform point counts in different localities inside the Groundwater quality in the Sierra Nevada, California. The Sierra Nevada Regional study unit constitutes one of the study units being evaluated. The Sierra del Cuervo has been endowed with uranium mineralization, which has attracted many geological studies, and recently the author was part of a team with the goal of selecting a site of a radioactive waste repository.

    The first part of the work adds to the regional framework of stratigraphy and tectonics of the area. It includes the idea of a pull apart basin development, which justifies the local great thickness of the Cuervo Formation. It includes the regional structural frame work and the composite stratigraphic column of the Chihuahua Trough and the equivalent Cretaceous Mexican Sea. The general geologic features of the NE part of the Sierra del Cuervo are described, which include the folded ignimbrites and limestones in that area; the irregular large thicknesses of the Cuervo Formation; and the western vergence of the main folding within the area.

    Sanidine phenocrystals gave ages of This is the first time these dates have been reported in print. This age indicates a time before the folded structures which outcrop in the area, and 44 Ma is a date after the Cuervo Formation was folded. The Hidalgoan orogeny cycle affected the rocks between this lapse of time. Since then the area has been partially affected by three tensional overlapped stages, which resulted in the actual Basin and Range physiography.

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    The jarosite related to the tectonic activity mineralization has been dated by the Ar-Ar method and yields an age of 9. These are some of the frame work features that justify the allocation of a radioactive waste repository in the Sierra del Cuervo. An alluvial fan system within the Boquilla Colorada microbasin was selected as the best target for more detailed site assessment.