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Cyprinus carpio koi is one of the most popular ornamental fish. A major problem for C. Previously studies had shown that the Phagocytosis Activating Protein PAP gene was involved in the innate immune response of animals. Therefore, we attempted to identify a role for the PAP gene in the immunology of C.

The expression of the PAP was found in C.

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The survival rate and the phagocytic index were significantly increased in the A. These fish had a significantly lower mortality rate than the control. Therefore, this research confirmed a key role for PAP in protection fish from bacterial infection and the chitosan-PAP-phMGFP nanoparticle could be a good prototype for fish immunostimulant in the future. All rights reserved. Therapeutic effects of marshmallow Althaea officinalis L. This study evaluated preclinical and clinical safety of marshmallow Althaea officinalis L.

The fish were fed 0 control , 2. Significant increases were observed in aspartate aminotransferase AST , lactate dehydrogenase LDH , alkaline phosphatase Isolation of bacterial fish pathogen Aeromonas hydrophila and therapeutic effects of medicinal plants on its invasion. Full Text Available Aeromonas hydrophila , a bacterial pathogen, was isolated form Pangasius hypophthalmus. For pathogenicity test, different doses were injected intramuscularly in Barbonymus gonionotus.

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Crude extracts were prepared from various parts Azadirachta indica, Curcuma longa, C. High inhibitory effect was observed in case of A. Both A. The present study showed that medicinal plants would be an effective control measure against A. The objective of this study is to determine the bactericidal effect of gamma and microwave radiation on Aeromonas hydrophila inoculated in fish fillets. The study revealed that treatment of fish fillets with a dose of 1 kGy gamma radiation reduced the population of A. Treatment of fish fillets with microwave cooking for 1 and 2 minutes completely eliminated the microorganism.

The physical examination of fish after gamma radiation treatment revealed that the used doses had no significant changes on fish fillets. Crystallization and initial X-ray analysis of polyhydroxyalkanoate granule-associated protein from Aeromonas hydrophila. They play a crucial role as a structural protein during initial PHA-granule formation and granule growth and also serve as interfaces for granule stabilization in vivo.

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Single crystals were cryocooled for X-ray diffraction analysis. On 12 May , over college students with acute diarrhoea were reported to the Guizhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention. We conducted an investigation to identify the agent and mode of transmission and to recommend control measures.

A confirmed case also had a positive Aeromonas hydrophila culture from a stool sample.

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A retrospective-cohort study of students compared attack rates AR by dining place, meals and food history. We reviewed the implicated premise, its processes and preparation of implicated food. The Escherichia coli count of the tank was well above the standard for drinking-water.

This outbreak of Aeromonas hydrophila was most probably caused by salad ingredients washed in contaminated tank water. We recommended enhancing training of foodhandlers, ensuring tanks and sewerage systems comply with appropriate standards and adequate monitoring of drinking-water sources. Students who ate in cafeteria A were more likely to be ill compared to those eating in other places relative risk [RR]: 3.

The cohort study implicated cold cucumber RR: 2. The Escherichia coli count of the tank was well above the standard for drinking water. Conclusion: This outbreak of Aeromonas hydrophila was most probably caused by salad ingredients washed in contaminated tank water. We recommended enhancing training of foodhandlers, ensuring tanks and sewerage systems comply with appropriate standards and adequate monitoring of drinking water sources.

Kinerja probiotik Bacillus sp. This experiment used randomized design with four treatments and two replications. Juveniles with average body weight of 3. At day 31, catfish were challenged by A. The results of the blood profile showed significantly better results in the treatment of probiotics compared to the positive control after challenge test A. Probiotic Bacillus sp. Keywords: probiotic, Bacillus sp. Hari ke benih lele diinjeksi bakteri A.

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Nos testes com FFC, foi eficaz com 10,0mg. Draft genome sequence of Pseudomonas mosselii Gil3, isolated from catfish and antagonistic against hypervirulent Aeromonas hydrophila. Pseudomonas mosselii Gil3 was isolated from a catfish that survived from lethal challenge with hypervirulent Aeromonas hydrophila vAh. When assayed in vitro, the bacterium showed antagonism against vAh. Sequence analysis revealed that the genome of P. Surface protein composition of Aeromonas hydrophila strains virulent for fish: identification of a surface array protein.

The surface protein composition of members of a serogroup of Aeromonas hydrophila was examined. Immunoblotting with antiserum raised against formalinized whole cells of A. In its native surface conformation the 52K S-layer protein was only weakly reactive with a lactoperoxidase I surface iodination procedure. A UV-induced rough lipopolysaccharide LPS mutant of TF7 was found to produce an intact S layer, but a deep rough LPS mutant was unable to maintain an array on the cell surface and excreted the S-layer protein into the growth medium, indicating that a minimum LPS oligosaccharide size required for A.

The native S layer was permeable to I in the lactoperoxidase radiolabeling procedure, and two major OM proteins of molecular weights 30, and 48, were iodinated. The 48K species was a peptidoglycan-associated, transmembrane protein which exhibited heat-modifiable SDS solubilization behavior characteristic of a porin protein.

A 50K major peptidoglycan-associated OM protein which was not radiolabeled exhibited similar SDS heat modification characteristics and possibly represents a second porin protein. Resistance to pathogens is important for the sustainability and profitability of food fish production. There were significant associations p tilapia resistant to A.

Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui efektifitas senyawa bioaktif rumput laut K. Penelitian dilakukan sebanyak dua tahap, yaitu: 1 Uji aktivitas antibakteri ekstrak rumput laut; dan 2 Analisa senyawa bioaktif yang terdapat pada ekstrak rumput laut, dimana masing-masing tahapan dianalisis menggunakan rancangan acak lengkap faktorial.

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Hasil penelitian menunjukkan, dua jenis ekstrak rumput laut dengan pelarut metanol dan etanol, mempunyai daya antibakteri terhadap A. Ekstrak E. Asam heksadekanoat merupakan senyawa paling dominan dijumpai pada ekstrak rumput laut K. Antimicrobial resistance prevalence of Aeromonas hydrophila isolates from motile Aeromonas septicemia disease. Fish suffer, from bacteria, fungi, virus and parasites or by physical ailments. Gurami Osphronemus gouramy , nila Oreochromis niloticus , carp Cyprinus carpio , catfish Clarias sp.

Antibiotics are drugs of natural or synthetic origin that have the capacity to kill or to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms included MAS. However, the use of antibiotics in the long term can cause negative impacts, among others, feared the occurrence of bacterial resistance in certain antibiotics. The results showed five of isolates were sensitive to antibiotics of chloramphenicol, gentamycin, oxytetracycline, cefradoxil and nalidixic acid but resistant to vancomycin colistin sulphate, rifampisin, cephalosporin and novobiocin.

Aspects of constitutive and acquired antibioresistance in Aeromonas hydrophila strains isolated from water sources. Over the last three decades, the literature pointed out the implications of Aeromonas species in human pathology.

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This last aspect included a large range of cutaneous injuries micronecrosis, abscesses, bums, cellulites, furunculosis , joint, bones, respiratory, urinary tract, ocular infections up to meningitis, endocarditis, peritonitis, hepatobilliary disease, endotoxic shock and septicemia as consequence of leech microvascular surgery. During the last decade, the literature reported a high mortality in Aeromonas infections determined by certain phenospecies A. In microbiologists' opinion this high rate of mortality was probably due to poor knowledge concerning the aspects of antibioresistance in Aeromonas strains, to empiric treatments with antibiotics to which these bacteria exhibiting constitutive resistance lead to insuccessful results, and at last to the increasing trend of aeromonads resistance to certain antibiotics after The literature mentioned also that for a great number of Beta-lactamase producing Aeromonas strains, the use of microdilution method by comparison to disk diffusion in agar medium giving false results made more difficult the true knowledge of Aeromonas antibioresistance patterns.

At the same time, in , the literature mentioned 4 ecological compartments considered as "reservoirs for dissemination and transfer of microbial antibioresistance i.

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In the last time, more and more data of the literature revealed that some bacteria with role of reservoir of antibioresistance in the natural environment, even. Detection and analysis of hemolysin genes in Aeromonas hydrophila isolated from Gouramy Osphronemus gouramy by polymerase chain reaction PCR. The goal of this study was to detect of Aeromonas hydrophila carrying the hlyA gene in guramy by PCR assay. A total of 5 A. The primers used in the PCR targeted a bp fragment of the hlyA gene coding for the hemolysin gene.

Particularly hlyA genes are responsible for haemolysin toxins production in this genus. After gel electrophoresis, the amplicons from representative strains of the A.