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Keyko es un estudiante universitario. Ella tiene una cara hermosa y un cuerpo espectacular. We review a simple gamma ray spectrometer constructed on a solderless breadboard. The system is low cost and utilizes a minimum of components while still achieving satisfactory charge linearity and noise levels. This instrument can be used in instructional laboratories to introduce both radiation detection and analog signal processing concepts. We also expect it will be of interest to those seeking to introduce gamma spectroscopy to the expanding ecosystem of Arduino hardware.

Examining the potential exploitation of UNOS policies. The United Network for Organ Sharing UNOS waiting list was designed as a just and equitable system through which the limited number of organs is allocated to the millions of Americans in need of a transplant. People have trusted the system because of the belief that everyone on the list has an equal opportunity to receive an organ and also that allocation is blind to matters of financial standing, celebrity or political power.

Recent events have revealed that certain practices and policies have the potential to be exploited. The policies addressed in this paper enable those on the list with the proper resources to gain an advantage over other less fortunate members, creating a system that benefits not the individual most in medical need, but the one with the best resources.

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These policies are not only unethical but threaten the balance and success of the entire UNOS system. This paper proposes one possible solution, which seeks to balance the concepts of justice and utility. The characteristics of the orbits determined from double difference phase have been evaluated through comparisons of two-week solutions with one-week solutions and by comparisons of predicted and estimated orbits.

Evidence of unmodeled effects is demonstrated, particularly associated with the orbit planes that experience solar eclipse. The orbit accuracy has been assessed through the repeatability of unconstrained estimated baseline vectors ranging from km to km. Both the baseline repeatability and the comparison with independent space geodetic methods give results at the level of parts in ,, Aerodynamic characteristics of the Fiat UNO car. The purpose of this article is to describe the work conducted in the aerodynamic field throughout the 4-year development and engineering time span required by the project of the UNO car.

A description is given of all the parametric studies carried out.

Through these studies two types of cars at present in production were defined and the characteristics of a possible future sports version laid down. A movable device, to be fitted in the back window, was also set up and patented.

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When actuated it reduces soiling of back window. This method is still in development phase but it already permits some considerations and in-depth investigations to be made on the vehicle wake. In January , scientists from over 25 organizations in 13 countries and territories cooperated in the largest GPS campaign in the world to date.

Scientific goals of the project include measurements of strain in the northern Andes, subduction rates for the Cocos and Nazca plates beneath Central and South America, and relative motion between the Caribbean plate and South America. A second set of measurements are planned in and should provide preliminary estimates of crustal deformation and plate motion rates in the region. Liver transplantation for neonatal hemochromatosis: analysis of the UNOS database.

NH is the most common identifiable cause of ALF in the neonate. LT is the definitive treatment for neonates with NH who have failed medical therapy. Our aim was to determine the outcomes of LT in infants with NH. Risk factors for death and graft loss were analyzed by multivariate logistic regression. Thirty-eight infants with NH with a total of 43 transplants were identified. One- and five-yr patient and graft survival were The outcomes for NH were not significantly different when compared to the same age-matched recipients with other causes of ALF.

There were no statistically significant risk factors identified for graft loss or death. Ninety infants with NH were listed for LT. LT for infants with NH has a high rate of graft loss and death; however, outcomes are comparable to the same age-matched recipients with other causes of ALF.

Three different schemes are employed to solve the benchmark problem. The third scheme is an optimized compact finite difference scheme modified by us: the 4th order Runge Kutta time stepping, the 4th order pentadiagonal compact spatial discretization with the maximum resolution characteristics. The problem of category 5 is solved by using the first TVD3 scheme. It can be concluded from the present calculations that the Optimized Compact scheme and the UNACM show good resolutions for category 1 and category 2 respectively. Through Education into the World of Work.

Uno Cygnaeus, the Father of Technology Education. More than years have passed since the death of Uno Cygnaeus , the father of Finnish folk schools and pioneer of educational arts and crafts. His accomplishments include design and organization of the folk school system, initiation of high class teacher training, and emphasis on the importance of women's education.

Although his…. The report focuses on drug use at the higher frequency levels, rather than reporting proportions who have ever used various drugs. The separate classes of drugs distinguished are alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, marijuana, and…. We engaged secondary science students in a teacher and student constructed Uno card game UCG to change their conceptual understanding of the various energy transformations. Policy Brief 6. This policy brief is the third in a series of in-depth case studies exploring how top-performing charter schools have incorporated civic learning in their school curriculum and school culture.

Located in predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods, the…. Automated hydroponics nutrition plants systems using arduino uno microcontroller based on android. Technological developments today make the combination of science is very common, including in Computer Science and Agriculture to make both of science need each other. This paper aims to develop a control tool for the flow of nutrients of hydroponic plants automatically using Arduino microcontroller and controlled by smartphone.

We use an Arduino Uno microcontroller to automatically control the flow of nutrient solution with logic if else. The microcontroller can also send data of fluid level solution and temperature around the plant to smartphone android of the owner of the hydroponics plant. The height of the nutrient solution water is detected by the Ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04 and the temperature is detected by the temperature sensor LM Data from the sensor will forward into Arduino Uno and displayed in liquid crystal display LCD then via wireless fidelity WIFI ESP module will transmit the height of the nutrient solution and the temperature around of the plants to Android smartphone.

The effect of the tracking network on long greater than km GPS baseline estimates was estimated using various subsets of the global tracking network initiated by the first Central and South America CASA Uno experiment. It was found that best results could be obtained with a global tacking network consisting of three U. In comparison with smaller subsets, this global network improved the baseline repeatability, the resolution of carrier phase cycle ambiguities, and formal errors of the orbit estimates. Theoretical examinations of the ferromagnetic coupling in the m-phenylene-bis-methylene molecule and its oligomer were carried out.

These systems are good candidates for exchange-coupled systems to investigate strong electronic correlations.

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We studied effective exchange integrals J , which indicated magnetic coupling between interacting spins in these species. First, theoretical calculations based on a broken-symmetry single-reference procedure, i. From these results, the J value by the UHF method was largely positive because of the strong ferromagnetic spin polarisation effect. Next, magnetic coupling among these spins was studied using the CAS-based method of the symmetry-adapted multireference methods procedure. This study is purposed to make a software and hardware instrument in controlling the velocity of 50 meters free style swimming speed measurement based on microcontroller Arduino Uno.

The writer uses 6 participants of advanced college students of sport education.