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Archived from the original on May 24, Is this your joyful city founded far back in the past? Truly a unique product and I will never go without again.

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The plants here referred to are characterized by their cordate leaf bases and red-hairy stems. They most closely resemble B. Capsella rubella Reut. Degree of naturalization : naturalized, but perhaps rarer than Capsella bursa-pastoris L. Monographie der gattung Cardamine. Engelmann, Leipzig.

Centratherum punctatum Cass. This species is very rarely cultivated as an ornamental but easily seems to escape. Cerastium fontanum Baumg. BR ; ibid. Chasmanthe floribunda Salisb.

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South Africa 20 3 : Fig. Figure 2. Chasmanthe floribunda is very similar to C. Crocosmia and Chasmanthe. Royal Horticultural Society plant collector guide. Timber Press, Cambridge. So far, all specimens of Chasmanthe seen on La Palma also in gardens belong to C.

This is not surprising, since the latter is much less attractive. This seems to hold true elsewhere in the Canary Islands and probably in Macaronesia as a whole as well. Flora de Canarias, Flora de Canarias Silva et al.

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Flora y fauna terrestre invasora en la Macaronesia. In: Cullen, J. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: — Curved perianth tube bilateral symmetric, perianth lobes more or less radially symmetric Curved perianth tube and also the perianth lobes bilaterally symmetric Plant of comparatively short size, up to 60 cm tall seldom more , stem unbranched.

Spike simple or occasionally with 1 branch arching outward to almost horizontal with 10 — 16 flowers borne in a single congested row on the upper side of the spike axis.

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Perianth tube ca. Dorsal tepal ca. Seeds with a fleshy seed coat after the capsule walls split, the seed coat later becomes dry and wrinkled. Capsules often flushed reddish to purple inside Chasmanthe aethiopica. Plant robust, up to cm, stem usually branched, the branches ascending. Spike erect, mostly with 30 — 40 flowers borne in two opposed rows. Perianth-tube 3. Dorsal tepal to 3. Seed coat hard and shiny, never fleshy. Capsule straw-colored inside Chenopodium probstii Aellen in Mitt.

Solothurn 20 8 : 56 Fig. Figure 3. Pedro, Calle La Habana, wasteland with scattered ruderal vegetation, Chenopodium probstii is very similar to C. Typical individuals are distinguished by their leaves that are large and leathery and that have a distinct purple pigmentation.

Commelina latifolia Hochst. Figure 4.

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Figure 5. Figure 6. Figure 7. Commelina diffusa left and C. RO , pers. Origin : northeastern Africa and Yemen, reaching northern Tanzania to the south and Rwanda and Burundi to the west. Outside of its native distribution range only known from South Africa R. Faden, pers. This species was first discovered in and was subsequently seen on several occasions, always in the surroundings of Los Sauces where it is firmly established nowadays. All known localities are close to banana plantations.

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The species is probably dispersed by hydrochory irrigation canals and roadside ditches. In such habitats it locally forms dense, monospecific stands. Its vector of introduction in La Palma remains uncertain. To our knowledge this species is not cultivated as an ornamental. In East Africa it is grown as a minor crop or pot herb e. Kunkel, Kunkel, G. Plants for human consumption — An annotated checklist of the edible phanerogams and ferns. Commelina benghalensis L.

In: Grubben, G.

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In Barranco del Agua it grows in close proximity to Momordica charantia L. Like other species of Commelina , it may also be an impurity in commercial birdseed mixtures. Commelina latifolia often grows along with C.

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In the absence of flowers these species can easily be intermixed.