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Si Manuela Carmena llega a alcaldesa, Madrid dejará de dar asco - VICE

Let's see some idiomatic phrases and expressions with dar to give. We're going to start with feelings: To express feelings It's all about something "giving you" a feeling. For example " dar miedo " is to "give fear" but we'd translate it as "to scare". Dar asco To disgust Ex: Me da asco cuando la gente tira cosas en la calle It disgusts me when people throw things in the street. Dar pena To make you feel sad about Ex: Me da tanta pena esa gente - Those people make me so sad.

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  • Expressions with DAR (to give).
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  • Si Manuela Carmena llega a alcaldesa, Madrid dejará de dar asco.
  • Si Manuela Carmena llega a alcaldesa, Madrid dejará de dar asco.
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