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Apart from tourism, an important role is played here by agriculture, primarily the cultivation of bananas and tomatoes, which represent the most significant export good of the archipelago. The conducted spatial research showed an extensive diversity. This situation is, to a great extent, influenced by the climate. The northern part is cooler and dominated by agriculture, whereas the southern one is much warmer and characterized by a well-developed tourism infrastructure. Site inspections performed out along the outer contour of the island resembling a circle.

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Numerous architectural and urban sketches, urban analyses and photographic documentation were made. Community surveys were carried out. For a researcher, it was extremely interesting to answer the questions whether Gran Canaria is different from the other Canary Islands, especially in the functional and landscape context, and if so what exactly these differences consist of.

What is Gran Canaria in particular characterized by and what kind of role it plays in the economic sector of Spain? Falgueres, Christophe; Bahain, J. Hominid remains found in from the stratified Gran Dolina karst-filling at the Atapuerca site in NE Spain were dated to somewhat greater than ka based on palaeomagnetic measurements, making these the oldest known hominids in Europe sensu stricto. We report new ESR and U-series results on teeth from four levels of the Gran Dolina deposit which confirm the palaeomagnetic evidence, and indicate that TD6 from which the human remains have been recovered dates to the end of the Early Pleistocene.

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The results for the other levels are consistent with estimates based mainly on microfaunal evidence, and suggest that TD8, TD10 and TD11 date to the Middle Pleistocene. C Academic Press. In this paper we present the scientific data recorded by tunable mechanical monolithic horizontal seismometers located in the Gran Sasso National Laboratory of the INFN, within thermally insulating enclosures onto concrete slabs connected to the bedrock. Chronology of the cave interior sediments at Gran Dolina archaeological site, Atapuerca Spain.

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The so-called " Gran Dolina site" Atapuerca mountain range, N Spain is a karstic cavity filled by sediments during the Pleistocene, some of which contain a rich ensemble of archaeological and paleontological records. These sediments have contributed significantly to our understanding of early human dispersal in Europe but, in contrast, older, interior facies deposits have received much less of attention. The stratigraphy of Gran Dolina reveals an abrupt sedimentary change of interior to entrance facies from bottom to top, reflecting a significant paleoenvironmental change that promoted the accumulation of sediments transported from the vicinity of the cave by water or "en masse".

Since the major magnetic polarity reversal known as the Matuyama-Brunhes boundary 0.

U-Pb analysis of speleothems did not produce age information as the samples proved to be extremely unradiogenic. The magnetic stratigraphy of the cave interior sediments reveals a dominant reverse magnetic polarity, coherent with a Matuyama age, and interrupted by a normal polarity magnetozone interpreted as the Jaramillo Subchron 1. ESR ages on quartz grains from the upper part of the interior facies sediments are coherent with such an interpretation. We conclude that the fluvial deposits interior facies that constitute the cave floor began accumulating before 1.

The development of large cave entrances at Gran Dolina occurred shortly after the Jaramillo Subchron but before ca ka ago. Enterobius vermicularis, also known as pinworn, is the responsible agent for Human Enterobiasis. It is one of the most prevalent, but underrated, parasitic disease in children population. Diagnosis involves demonstration of either eggs or adult worms by Graham test. The aim of this study is to describe the clinical, demographic and microbiological features of patients with suspected diagnosis of Enterobiasis in southern Gran Canaria.

Descriptive analysis to evaluate the correlation between clinical and demographic variables and the results of Graham test microbiological observation. Among the positives samples, Abdominal pain Nevertheless, a high proportion of the requests was not founded in a suspicious diagnosis or was unrelated to Enterobiasis. Enterobiasis is a common disease in primary health care and is of great importance in Gran Canaria. Quality in sample collection as well as diagnosis suspicious information are necessary for a good microbiological analysis.

Malaria in paradise: characterization of imported cases in Gran Canaria Island Spain obtained the official certificate of malaria eradication in However, imported malaria cases have been increasing during the last few decades in this country. This study aims to describe the clinical and epidemiological features of patients diagnosed with malaria on Gran Canaria Island.

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A retrospective study was conducted based on case review of all patients diagnosed with malaria microbiologically confirmed from to , at the three referral teaching hospitals on Gran Canaria Island. One hundred eighty-four episodes in patients were diagnosed, of them were analyzed. Twenty cases Malaria was acquired in Africa by Clinical and epidemiological differences were observed among different groups of patients formed by their origin and travel purposes. At least one indicator of severe malaria was established in However, global mortality was 3.

Malaria in Gran Canaria Island is imported from endemic areas, mainly from African countries, observed mostly among young adult males, but clinical and epidemiological features may change among different groups of patients. The number of immigrants diagnosed with malaria is increasing in this area nowadays. Theoretical considerations and a simple method for measuring alkalinity and acidity in low-pH waters by gran titration. Titrations for alkalinity and acidity using the technique described by Gran , Determination of the equivalence point in potentiometric titrations, Part II: The Analyst, v.

This report includes a synopsis of the theory and calculations associated with Gran 's technique and presents a simple and inexpensive method for performing alkalinity and acidity determinations. However, potential sources of error introduced by the chemical character of some waters may limit the utility of Gran 's technique. Therefore, the cost- and time-efficient method for performing alkalinity and acidity determinations described in this report is useful for exploring the suitability of Gran 's technique in studies of water chemistry.

The coastal areas of the Canary Islands are particularly sensitive to changes, both from a natural perspective and for their potential socio-economic implications. In this paper, the state of conservation of an insular coast is approached from a geomorphological point of view, considering recent changes induced by urban and tourism development. The analysis is applied to the coast of Gran Canaria, a small Atlantic island of volcanic origin, subject to a high degree of human pressure on its coastal areas, especially in recent decades.

Currently, much of the economic activity of Gran Canaria is linked to mass tourism, associated with climatic and geomorphological features of the coast. This work is addressed through detailed mapping of coastal landforms across the island km perimeter , corresponding to the period before the urban and tourism development late 19th century for the island's capital, midth century for the rest of the island and today. The comparison between the coastal geomorphology before and after the urban and tourism development was established through four categories of human impacts, related to their conservation state: unaltered, altered, semi-destroyed and extinct.

The most affected are sedimentary landforms, namely coastal dunes, palaeo-dunes, beaches and wetlands. Geodiversity loss was also evaluated by applying two diversity indices. The coastal geodiversity loss by total or partial destruction of landforms is estimated at - We conclude that the transformations of the coast of Gran Canaria induced by urban and tourism development have heavily affected the most singular coastal landforms dunes, palaeo-dunes and wetlands , reducing significantly its geodiversity.

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Beveridge, C. The pattern of dunes within the Gran Desierto of Sonora, Mexico, is both spatially diverse and complex. Identification of the pattern components from remote-sensing images, combined with statistical analysis of their measured parameters demonstrate that the composite pattern consists of separate populations of simple dune patterns.

Age-bracketing by optically stimulated luminescence OSL indicates that the simple patterns represent relatively short-lived aeolian constructional events since??? The simple dune patterns consist of: i late Pleistocene relict linear dunes; ii degraded crescentic dunes formed at???