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Selama penelitian ikan tidak diberi makan. Tahapan penelitian terdiri atas penentuan nilai ambang atas-bawah, nilai lethal time dan LC50 , 48, 72, dan 96 jam. Data diolah dengan analisis probit program LC Hal ini menunjukkan niklosamida termasuk pestisida yang memiliki toksisitas sangat tinggi golongan A. The use of molluscicide in aquatic as well as in terresterial agro ecosystem without properly controlled may produce detrimental effects on freshwater fisheries. Molluscicide utilization for golden apple snail Pomacea sp.

The ingredient potencially has a possibility to pollute aquaculture water. The poor management of municipal solid waste in Malaysia has worsened over the years especially on food waste. Composting is one of low cost alternative method to dispose the food waste.

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This study is conducted to compost the food waste generation in Makanan Ringan Mas , which is a medium scale industry in Parit Kuari Darat due to the lack knowledge and exposure of food waste recycling practice. The aim of this study is to identify the physical and chemical parameters of composting food waste from Makanan Ringan Mas. The physical parameters were tested for temperature and pH value and the chemical parameter are Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. In this study, backyard composting was conducted with 6 reactors.

Tapioca peel was used as fermentation liquid and soil and coconut grated were used as the fermentation bed. Backyard composting was conducted with six reactors. The result of this study revealed that all the reactors which contain processed food waste tend to produce pH value within the range of 5 to 6 which can be categorized as slightly acidic. Meanwhile, the reactors which contained raw food waste tend to produce pH value within the range of 7 to 8 which can be categorized as neutral.

From the comparison with common chemical fertilizer, it shows that NPK value from the composting are much lower than NPK of the common chemical fertilizer. It has been shown that the brain has its own intrinsic renin-angiotensin system RAS and angiotensin- Ang- is particularly interesting, because it appears to counterbalance most of the Ang II effects. Ang- exerts its biological function through activation of the G-protein-coupled receptor Mas.

Interestingly, hippocampus is one of the regions with higher expression of Mas.

Considering that high concentrations of Ang- may activate AT1 receptors, nonspecifically, we evaluate the levels of Ang- and its main precursors Ang I and Ang II in the hippocampus of Mas -deficient mice. However, Ang- concentration is increased in the whole hippocampus of Mas Ko mice, as well as in the CA1 area. The angiotensin type 2 receptor AT2R and the receptor MAS are receptors of the protective arm of the renin-angiotensin system. They mediate strikingly similar actions.

Such cross-inhibition may indicate heterodimerization of these receptors.

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Molecular interactions were assessed by fluorescence resonance energy transfer and by cross correlation spectroscopy in human embryonic kidney cells transfected with vectors encoding fluorophore-tagged MAS or AT2R. Coexpression of fluorophore-tagged AT2R and MAS resulted in a fluorescence resonance energy transfer efficiency of Specificity of dimerization of AT2R and MAS was supported by lack of dimerization with the transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily C-member 6.

Dimerization of the AT2R was abolished when it was mutated at cysteine residue Knockout of a single of these receptors made astrocytes unresponsive for both agonists. Our results suggest that MAS and the AT2R form heterodimers and that-at least in astrocytes-both receptors functionally depend on each other. To adapt the model in reconfiguring fault diagnosing to dynamic environment and the needs of solving the tasks of complex system fully, the paper introduced multi-Agent and related technology to the complicated fault diagnosis, an integrated intelligent control system is studied in this paper.

Based on the thought of the structure of diagnostic decision and hierarchy in modeling, based on multi-layer decomposition strategy of diagnosis task, a multi-agent synchronous diagnosis federation integrated different knowledge expression modes and inference mechanisms are presented, the functions of management agent, diagnosis agent and decision agent are analyzed, the organization and evolution of agents in the system are proposed, and the corresponding conflict resolution algorithm in given, Layered structure of abstract agent with public attributes is build. System architecture is realized based on MAS distributed layered blackboard.

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  5. The real world application shows that the proposed control structure successfully solves the fault diagnose problem of the complex plant, and the special advantage in the distributed domain. Full Text Available The need to reduce bandwidth, improve productivity, autonomy and the scalability in multi-robot teleoperation has been recognized for a long time. In this article we propose a novel finite state machine mobile agent based on the network interaction service model, namely FS- MAS. Finally, we apply this service model to the multi-robot system, the initial realization completing complex tasks in the form of multi-robot scheduling.

    This demonstrates that the robot has greatly improved intelligence, and provides a wide solution space for critical issues such as task division, rational and efficient use of resource and multi-robot collaboration. In Indonesia, many plantation as use as beneficial plants. This study aims to obtain an effective formula that can be used as a biopesticide to control snail pests during the vegetative phase from May to July using random non-factorial methods at two rice planting locations in the Village Lae parira, Dairi, North Sumatra.

    Design with 6 treatments and 3 replicates ie control, neem leaves Azadirachta indica, tobacco leaf Nicotiana tabacum, sweet potato leaf Manihot glaziovii, noni fruit, Morinda citrifolia, and betel nut Areca catechu and papaya Carica papaya as an eco-friendly herbaceous and biopesticide.

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    Based on the study recorded in sampling for 7 days with 6 treatments had significant effect on the percentage affected by the clump of rice attacked and the percentage of death. Neem is the best biopesticide in controlling mollusicides, followed by betel nuts, tobacco, poisonous yams and noni. All biopesticide treatments were tested to control snail pests in rice plants that will increase agicultural productivity in maintaining food security in Dairi, North Sumatra.

    Anderson, L. Nuclear facilities that handle and process nuclear materials are required to track their nuclear holdings and to keep adequate records that manage and control the inventory of those holdings. The complexity of a system that does this job is directly proportional to the complexity of the facility's operations. Such cross-inhibition may in Inappropriate defense-alerting reaction to fear is a common feature of neuropsychiatric diseases. Therefore, impairments in brain circuits, as well as in molecular pathways underlying the neurovegetative adjustments to fear may play an essential role on developing neuropsychiatric disorders.

    Here, losartan was also effective. Memory extinction was accelerated in Mas KO mice after treatment with losartan. The study shows that the arabinan side chains Results of these samples suggested that hydration properties were determined by the length and character of the side chains. NA and DA exhibited similar hydration characteristics, whereas DG and DB were difficult to hydrate because of the less hydrophilic properties of the rhamnose Hydronephrosis alters cardiac ACE2 and Mas receptor expression in mice. Hydronephrosis is characterized by substantial loss of tubules and affects renin secretion in the kidney.

    However, whether alterations of angiotensin-converting enzyme ACE , ACE2 and Mas receptor in the heart are observed in hydronephrosis is unknown. Thus, we assessed these components in hydronephrotic mice treated with AT1 receptor blockade and ACE inhibitor. AT1 blockade caused sustained activation of cardiac ACE2 and Mas receptor, but ACE inhibitor had the limitation of such activation of Mas receptor in hydronephrotic animals. During the cracking process carbonaceous materials are deposited on the outer or inner surface of the catalyst. These deposits are in many cases the main cause of catalyst deactivation.

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    By 13 C CP MAS NMR it could be shown that the enhanced catalytic activity does not enhance the coke formation and that the chemical nature of these deposits is essentially aromatic. Recent evidence suggests that managers establish a positive link between management accounting system MAS integration and controllership effectiveness, which is fully mediated by the perceived consistency of financial language. Our paper extends this research by analyzing whether controllers have similar perceptions on MAS design. Testing a series of multi-group structural equation models, we find evidence for a preparer-user perception gap with respect to the mediating impact of a consiste Five females of each group were sacrificed and the uterine horns were collected, weighted and prepared for histological and morphometrical evaluation.

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    The remaining rats were mated with. Los pacientes con enfermedad coronaria requieren tratamientos prolongados con este medicamento, el cual se les niega a aquellos con historias de reacciones adversas a este. El paciente actualmente ingiere mg diarios sin reacciones adversas. Aspirine is one of the most widely used drugs worldwide.

    The patients suffering from heart diseases require long-term treatment with this drug, which is banned to those having adverse reactions. The international literature collects information on the use of desensitization therapies in patients who do not exhibit tolerance to this medicine, following different protocols with satisfactory results. There was not any other case of this type reported in the national literature. The patient can presently take mg of aspirin daily without suffering adverse events. It was considered that the desensitization process is an effective therapeutic action for patients who are aspirin sensitive and who have specific diseases that warrant this procedure.

    The discovery of beneficial neuroprotective effects of the angiotensin converting enzyme 2-angiotensin- - Mas axis [ACE2-Ang- - Mas ] in ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke has spurred interest in a more complete characterization of its mechanisms of action. Here, we summarize findings that desc Here, we summarize findings The latter incorporates evidence describing the actions of Ang- to counter the deleterious effects of angiotensin II Stevens, Tim J. Solid-state magic-angle-spinning MAS NMR of proteins has undergone many rapid methodological developments in recent years, enabling detailed studies of protein structure, function and dynamics.

    Software development, however, has not kept pace with these advances and data analysis is mostly performed using tools developed for solution NMR which do not directly address solid-state specific issues.

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    Here we present additions to the CcpNmr Analysis software package which enable easier identification of spinning side bands, straightforward analysis of double quantum spectra, automatic consideration of non-uniform labelling schemes, as well as extension of other existing features to the needs of solid-state MAS data.

    To underpin this, we have updated and extended the CCPN data model and experiment descriptions to include transfer types and nomenclature appropriate for solid-state NMR experiments, as well as a set of experiment prototypes covering the experiments commonly employed by solid-sate MAS protein NMR spectroscopists. Escala de atitudes frente ao dinheiro MAS : Teste de modelos e poder preditivo. Full Text Available The social importance attached to money and its role as an important motivator of behavior justifies the study of its psychosocial aspects.

    But there is a lack of studies concerning attitudinal or psychological aspects of money in Brazil. In order to encourage research in this context, the validity of the Money Attitudes Scale MAS was tested using confirmatory factor approaches. Results supported a brief items version of the scale and replicated the factor analytic pattern with satisfactory internal consistency for the factors of power, retention, distrust, and anxiety. Age differences were observed regarding money attitudes of power, and the predictive role of the MAS to account for consumer behavior was also confirmed.

    This version of the MAS shows evidences of factorial validity and reliability, justifying its use in future research. Development of a generic, computerized nuclear material accountability system: Nuc MAS. These functions include data entry, data management, calculations, and report generation. The system is designed to work with any process handling one or more of the 17 accountable nuclear materials specified by the Department of Energy DOE. It relies on user-supplied configuration data to drive data prompts, report headings, data validations, and calculations.

    Who bears the burden of international taxation? This paper finds that this additional international taxation is fully capitalized into lower takeover premiums.