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The upstairs has been beautifully renovated. We got comfy, and then we got engaged…lol no silly, I love Crystal, but I had my little eyes on Diana. She wiggled over to us, and pulled up to the bumper… fun fun FUN! What a fine ass pect of the Midnight hour! Well, as happens when two fine T Gals walk into any room, shit happens…lol and Diana HAD to leave with her friend who pretty much dragged her down the stairs…lol. Anyway, with one girl down, and more to go, I found a comfy place at the bar next to yet another lovely La Femme Nikita… and decided to get busy…lol I can actually pin point the exact moment when the fire lit in her eyes, when I explained that my brain actually worked exactly like hers, and that I had no genuine interest in boys at all, and that I guess that would make me lesbian too!

Ok, time to add a bit of new lipstick before trying for the hat trick…lol SO! I va va voomed my way over to the powder room. Once inside, I marveled at the most excellent design of the large well planned space. Quite reflective all this, for just taking a pee…lol. I lifted myself up, and well, you know, tucked in my panties…lol then washed my hands….

Upon turning around, I saw no towels, and no basket… this, made perfect sense for such a Shinto space. The Fung Sui would be utterly ruined if you could possibly mess it up with random intrusions like misfired rimshots on the floor…lol. Finally, after what seemed far too long after my hands were already dry, it stopped.

The sink was the same, but the head was most definitely a John…and the place was brightly lit. This, I assume, was an un-verbalized sign saying look before you get your pee shooter out…lol and oh, it was a box, quite boringly predictably rectangular…. Being a Yankee town, and that night being the last crucial game of the series, combined with the fact that baseball is played as much in the head as on the field, it made again, a lot of sense…lol after all, as we know…Diamonds are a girls best friend…lol.

By now it was really getting late, and Crystal needed to get home in time to call in sick…lol so, we gathered our things, said our goodbyes to all of the lovelies, and again, hit the pavement…. SO, what can we gain from this run on stream of consciousness? Sadly most of those people living here are cops — cops too blind to figure out they are being manipulated by a cute, bouncy, immature, spoiled woman illegally in the building.

She has a long history of using people, especially men. Before the cops moved in she had me fooled. I was cleaning mold in her apartment, cleaning sand and mold out of window tracks, baking banana bread, helping her with nursing homework assignments, even interceded in her behalf when she hit a neighbor's car with her car. I protected her against the building owners since I didn't have the complete story of her being here.

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But when I stopped baking, stopped bringing up her boxes - and DARED to suggest she come by and check for her boxes once in a while, she came up with a list of things I supposedly said about cops and fed it to them. Her parents pay her rent, and her Father paid her nursing school costs. She has become friends with all the cops living here because she is banking on them protecting her should the building owner attempt to evict her.

They party, celebrate, do things together, etc. Little do they know her true personality.

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And none of them have the maturity or wisdom to question her motivations, or why she would say or do the things she's done. Giving those cops my unlisted phone number, and likely my e-mail, along with a long list of things I'd supposedly said about cops was the final straw for me.

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I'm not friends with any of the cops, so why why she would share my phone number any of them makes no sense. The people she gave it to are live a foot away from me. My wall is their wall. Of course, she almost certainly gave it to others. Then again, whatever one knows, they all know. She'd contacted me about a missing box - I haven't had anything to do with her for well over a year - had told her twice before not to speak to me after she continually broke promises and despite being a nurse wouldn't help me around one night when my leg was spurting blood.

She told me to call Kaiser - impossible to look up, find, and dial the number on a landline with that amount of blood and while trying to stop the blood flow! There was only one reason to do what she did. Total lack of conscience, ethics, empathy, any human emotions. And the fact that she gets rid of anyone who no longer is useful to her or won't feed her ego.

The fact they all fell for her games and manipulating astonishes me. But she is gifted at how she plays people. Only two of us know her and what and how she is. Then again, neither of us are cops. And we are older and wiser than most of the relative newcomer cops.

I used to think much higher of cops until so many moved into the building, particularly as there are cops in my family. But they are in other parts of the country and they have different standards and goals, and a conscience and ethics and common sense.

Whatever the illegal tenant feeds them they consume - hook, line, and sinker. Besides, they are linked at the hip by the blue line, cell phones, and texting - and all of them have the the same kind of backgrounds, personalities, ego, and the sole goal of more and more money.

They do not follow building rules or common decency. Asked not to slam doors they go out of their way to slam the entry gate and their apartment doors as hard as they can. One in particular, from a family of cops for several generations, goes out of her way to slam her apartment door and make nasty comments every time she passes by when other cops aren't here. She and male friends even messed with my windows. She took out a mail water pipe with her car, drove away without saying a word so the rest of us were without water. Another female cop backed into a fence in the garage, causing it to sway several feet.

Again, not a word to anyone. And none of them will recycle food. The raccoons are constantly scattering it around, and through they are the reason, not one of them will grab a broom and clean the bones and breads and torn bags up. Though they all are aware of the ill health of the landlady and her husband, who are in their mid-eighties and early nineties, respectively, and who live elsewhere.

The petulant cop who verbally attacked me and angrily advised I had no friends here and would die alone, etc. Moreover the landlady, who bent over backward for that tenant, even giving her her brother's parking space, has to pay additional monthly water charges because of the extra water usage.

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The irony is that the building rules of quietly shutting doors and keeping voices inside, and TV's and music at a lower level were put in place for the cops because of their unusual work schedules and related daytime sleeping schedules! A different female cop, when witnessing damage done to my plants and planters, advised I should get psychological help because the ongoing damage was upsetting me.

But physical damage and destruction aren't the same thing as words. Words are easily ignored, one just considers the source. No wonder people are afraid to call the police anymore! Too many have digressed from being overly-violent and trigger-happy to shooting handicapped people and people inside their own apartments and homes! Many are heroes. But there is a world of difference between rescuing and saving people, and deliberately taunting, attacking, and trying to destroy others.

Unfortunately the underhandedness, sabotage, and character assignation demonstrated here is how too many cops are these days. Pure evil in some cases. No empathy, no sympathy, no respect for elders or veterans, or older, handicapped veterans. And no ability to let go of things and move on. Unfortunately, while many references are made to the concept, little information is supplied regarding its origin or formation , stages of growth, and applications.