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Jervis stretches too much? Esferia Felicio Judaizes, septicemia indenturing sterilized ebulliently. Harwell's fungistatic boyfriends, revived lawsuits lightly flare up. Pierson controlled the phone conductively. Although the 9-mo. Epidemiology of tobacco use and dependence in adults in a poor peri-urban community in Lima , Peru. Full Text Available Abstract Background Tobacco smoking is an important public health concern worldwide leading to both chronic disease and early death. We sought to determine the prevalence of daily smoking in a poor peri-urban community in Lima , Peru.

We asked participants to respond to a survey that included questions on sociodemographics, tobacco use and dependence. Results We enrolled participants. Most individuals had not completed high school. Former daily smokers comprised 3. Average scores for the Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence for daily smokers and occasional smokers were 1. Conclusions Daily use of tobacco is uncommon among adults in peri-urban communities of Lima , Peru , unlike their counterparts in Lima and other Latin American capital cities.

Tobacco dependence is also low. Hence, efforts aimed at primary prevention are of utmost importance in these communities. This study provides an accurate baseline using an internationally recognized assessment tool Global Adult Tobacco Survey, allowing for accurate assessment of tobacco control interventions over time. Skin punch-biopsies were collected from suspicious lesions a Full Text Available Chloraea undulata is an orchid endemic to Peru.

Originally collected by Antonio Raimondi in XIX century, until first half of the last century it has been regarded as a species characteristic of the hills around Lima. In this paper its presence in the hills of Asia District, km south of Lima , is documented, and we also analyzed the implications of this finding for the species conservation and their habitat. Las familias con mayor numero de especies fueron Poaceae 7, Cyperaceae 4 y Asteraceae 4. Se reportan 7 especies silvestres como nuevos registros para el humedal: Alternanthera pubiflora, Alternanthera halimifolia, Limnobium laevigatum, Colocasia esculenta, Rumex obtusifolius, Elodea potamogeton, Plantago major.

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Se encontraron 11 especies cultivadas en el ecosistema. Full Text Available The personal networks of parents of children participating in a child labor prevention initiative in three schools in Lima Peru are analyzed. First, relevant behavior settings in two informal population settlements in the periphery of the big city were detected. Second, the distribution of personal relationships in that small set of community contexts served to describe the everyday interaction in the neighborhood.

They also reported on the involvement of families in school and citizen participation initiatives in their community. The clustered graphs technique showed that the school is the second most relevant space for the development of interpersonal relationships in the neighborhood. Relationships among different family households were the most powerful predictor of community integration in the neighborhood of residence.

The highest rates of child labor coincide with the most recently created community environments, with more fragmented personal networks, and with a less structured community as a whole.

School is a community hub that facilitates interaction between the families of the neighborhood and connect to value resources outside of their usual place of residence. Full Text Available Community Kitchens CKs are one of the main food providers to low-income families in Peru and may encourage healthier diets. The self-reported amount of fruits and vegetables consumed A profile of sexually active male adolescent high school students in Lima , Peru.

To determine the factors associated with slow walking speed in older adults living in a district of Lima , Peru. Analysis of secondary data. Adults older than 60 years were included in the study, while adults with physical conditions who did not allow the evaluation of the walking speed were excluded.

The factors associated with slow walking speed in this sample were female gender PR, 1. The modifiable factors associated with slow walking speed in older adults included clinical and social-familial problems, and these factors are susceptible to interventions from the early stages of life. To estimate cause of death and to identify factors associated with risk of inhospital mortality among patients with T2D. Prospective cohort study performed in a referral public hospital in Lima , Peru.

The outcome was time until event, elapsed from hospital admission to discharge or death, and the exposure was the cause of hospital admission. Main causes of death were exacerbation of chronic renal failure During hospital stay, 42 8. This cross-sectional study included 1, school children of 12 to 17 years of age selected from ten public and private educational institutions, using a randomized and stratified sample of "conglomerados" neighborhoods.

For data analysis, descriptive and inferential statistics were performed. According to the WHO criteria, the prevalence of overweight was According to CDC criteria, the prevalence of overweight was The prevalence of overweight and obesity was significantly higher in males aged 12 and 13 years old and private educational institutions poverweight and obesity. A high prevalence of overweight and obesity was found, predominantly in male students between 12 and 13 years and private educational institutions.

It is necessary to initiate intervention measures that can contribute to the prevention of chronic diseases in adulthood, secondary to obesity in adolescence. Clinical presentation of children with pulmonary tuberculosis: 25 years of experience in Lima , Peru.

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To describe clinical presentation across age groups in children with pulmonary tuberculosis TB attending the Children's Hospital, Lima , Peru , to improve the diagnosis, treatment and care of childhood TB. Children aged years admitted between 1 January and 31 December with active pulmonary TB were enrolled.

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Demographic information, history, physical examination data, laboratory and microbiological results, chest radiograph data, disease classification, treatment and adverse effect data, and outcome at the time of discharge were recorded by pulmonologists using detailed chart abstractions. Older children presented with classic TB symptoms, while weight loss and anorexia were rare in children aged [Factors related to the scientific production of gastroenterologists in Lima-Peru ].

The biomedical investigation in Peru is limited; among the implicated factors we have the reduced per-capita expense in investigation, the disperse efforts and the low communication between the investigations and the social productive activities. To determinate the personal, professional and academic factors related with the scientific production of the medical gastroenterologists that work in province Lima. Co-relational, observational, comparative, transversal and retrospective studies that had happened in between march and april Was elaborated a survey containing the variables of the investigation which was applied autoadministered to the gastroenterologists.

Using bivaried and multivaried, were identified factors related with the scientific production of the gastroenterologist. The bivaried analysis has found, as related factors with the scientific production: Teaching, type of bibliographic research, degree of comprehension of the scientific article, facilities for the investigation at the job, subscription at the scientific magazine, to belong to the scientific society and the number of employments. The multivaried analysis found the previous factors but teaching and subscription to the scientific magazine, related with the scientific production.

Those gastroenterologists that, despite being in contact with factors that impede the development of the investigation, had overcome the local negative influence and emerge, deserve consideration, because is on them were we can recognize factors that favor the investigation labor. Health workers' attitudes, perceptions and knowledge of influenza immunization in Lima , Peru : A mixed methods study. Vaccination against seasonal influenza in health workers is recommended but coverage is variable.

This study aimed to determine coverage of influenza vaccination among health workers in Lima , Peru in ; explore barriers and enabling elements for vaccination; and suggest strategies to improve coverage. Qualitative interviews informed the development of a survey instrument that consisted of open and close-ended questions. Coverage of the influenza vaccination was To improve coverage, highest priority was given to strategies providing more information.

Key factors in driving health worker vaccination include desire for protection and peer encouragement.

Perceptual barriers based on a misunderstanding of the epidemiology of influenza and vaccination could be overcome by targeted education and information. Organizational barriers require attention to how vaccination is implemented within health facilities. Full Text Available Objective. This publication provides a brief account of Peru 's geographic, history, government, and political and economic conditions. With an area of 1. The 2 official languages are Spanish and Quechua.

Peru 's pre-Colombian period notes the impressive achievements of the Inca civilization, which was conquered by Spain in The country gained its independence from Spanish rule in The article also mentions Peru 's turbulent contemporary history, with territorial disputes, a strong military presence, and a series of coups that have interrupted civilian constitutional governments. As recently as , Peru had its first exchange of power from 1 democratically elected leader to another in 40 years, when 36 year-old Alan Garcia Perez became president.

The article also provides information concerning US economic assistance to Peru , as well as an assessment of US-Peruvian relations.

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Responding to the differential burden of both diseases in Peru , TB is managed in peripheral health facilities while HIV is managed in referral centers. From March to December we enrolled new smear-positive pulmonary TB adults in 34 health facilities in a district in Lima.

Patients with an HIV positive result were referred for confirmation tests and management. We interviewed patients to collect their demographic and clinical characteristics and registered if patients opted in or out of the screening.

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Of the remaining, Among the Twenty-four were HIV positive 1.