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Espero que les guste el libro, que les ayude a conocer nuestro pasado y les convenza desde Añover de Tajo. Laguna Chica, La Laguna de la Sal, y la.
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Since , the Civil Rights Division has helped over trafficking victims from 34 countries obtain refugee-type benefits under the Trafficking victims Protection Act. Attorney General. It certainly heightened everyone's attention.

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Judge Gonzales said that President Bush is pushing diversity. Since Bush took office, 22 federal circuit judges have been nominated. Two final quotes: " Education is the gateway to freedom. Department of Justice. Based upon the nominee's long and distinguished legal career which includes serving as the President's chief counsel, a justice of the Texas Supreme Court, and Texas Secretary of State; the LULAC Board is confident that Alberto Gonzales will make an outstanding Attorney General who will continue to make sound legal decisions that take into account the positions of LULAC and other civil rights organizations.

We are delighted that the President has seen fit to nominate one of our best and brightest to the highest legal post in the federal government. LULAC advances the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, health, and civil rights of Hispanic Americans through community- based programs run by more than LULAC councils nationwide. President, thank you for that chance. Democrat, Sen.

Byron Dorgan, of North Dakota, said the Senate generally allows the president to choose his own team and was likely to do so in this case. Recruited from a Houston law firm in In an announcement in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, Bush touched on Gonzales' personal story — a boy who grew up poor in a family of eight children in a two-bedroom house in Texas — and now is in line for a Cabinet post. Martinez science. Gutierrez, whose family fled Cuba in when he was 6, joined Kellogg in Known for having a strong work ethic and a seemingly endless stream of ideas, he worked all over the world for the company before being promoted to president and chief operating officer in June He owns or has option rights to 2 million shares of company stock.

Gutierrez, Kellogg's CEO since April , is credited with shaping a major corporate and marketing overhaul at Kellogg, narrowing the company's primary focus to cereal and wholesome snacks and reducing the company's debt.

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He is known as a charismatic and approachable executive, widely admired in business circles for reviving a flagging company. I am a third generation Mexican American and first generation college graduate. My family came from Mexico in the early s in search of the American Dream. Like so many others, they labored to build the railroads, factories, farms, and cities of this great nation.

Four generations on my father's side toiled in California's agricultural fields.

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I am the manifestation of their dreams and aspirations — that their hard work would earn a better life for their children. I remain eternally grateful to them for the values they instilled in me — for our faith in God and country, a sense of personal responsibility, and a commitment to family and community. This nomination honors each of them. None of us stands alone.

We rest on the shoulders of those who have gone before. We are expected to repay their sacrifices by working to ensure that our children and our children's children inherit a safer, better world. This great nation serves as a beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world. Among its hallmarks are a free enterprise system, solid financial markets, and sound banking and monetary systems.

As Treasurer I would seek to continue and contribute to the great work of the President and the Treasury Department by ensuring that our coin and currency systems remain safe, that anti-counterfeiting measures are strengthened, that our Savings Bond Programs provide greater investment opportunities, and that financial literacy grows at all levels, for all generations. I consider it a privilege and honor to serve the public.

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I will work to the best of my abilities to maintain a strong working relationship with the Committee, uphold the duties of the office, and assure accountability within the Department. Alfred Aguirre was cited before 1, onlookers at the campus Titan Student Union Pavilion along with the fathers of three other Southern California Superior Court judges.

They and the other Latino veterans at the event served aboard aircraft carriers off the coast of Japan and flew cargo planes over Europe.

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  • And one of those aspects of our heritage is the patriotism of our veterans. War and Operation Desert Storm veterans. Aguirre said that the event is important because it spotlights what few Americans realize; Latinos have served in the military since the American Revolution. Judge Hernandez attended the event on behalf of his father, who could not attend because of illness. And they rarely owned houses. Saturday's event, Hernandez said, underscored how Latinos' role in World War II elevated them above the hardships they faced in segregated schools in places Eke Orange County.

    That's a statement to the spirit of those who served in World War n, who returned with a conviction that they were first-class citizens and they and their families deserved such treatment". Life in the service was much different from the fife Alfred Aguirre bad experienced at home. We were all brothers. We all fought together. The next year, segregation in Orange County was abolished with a landmark ruling from U. District Judge Paul J. McCormick in Mendez v. Westminster that segregated schools are not equal. He said his son constantly reminds him of the impact his service had on him and all Latinos.

    Jones and served from December 7, , to March 3, ; due to illness, was not a candidate for the full term; resumed the practice of law; died in Albuquerque, N. World Congress of Families: Update Online!

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    Overall, nearly 10 million veterans are age 65 or over. It also flies in the face of a study by feminist scholars that finds that privileged, white women have higher rates of employment today relative to minorities, a reversal of the situation from fifty years ago when minority women had significantly higher rates of employment.

    Using the Current Population Survey, the researchers compared the extent of employment measured by the number of weeks worked in the previous year of whites, blacks, and Latinas. Although employment rates among black and white women were the same in , the rates for white women narrowly surpassed those for black women in The employment gap was greater among the Latinas, particularly those of Mexican and Puerto Rican origin, who worked less than both blacks and whites.

    Their parallel analysis of data found that employment rates were lower for all groups of women then, but that the gap between whites and minorities was greater than in The researchers suggest that welfare reform and the expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit since that time has bumped up minority employment closer to that of whites. Yet among all women in both years, education encouraged while childbearing reduced employment rates. While they do not consider that the higher employment rates of white women may not represent a pattern that minority women should follow, the scholars nonetheless maintain that an "unquestionably greater need for employment" no longer drives women into the workforce as it once did.

    Through an interagency agreement, the Army has contracted the Library of Congress Federal Research Division to conduct this research. As in previous research efforts, such as those of African-American and Asian-American DSC recipients, the board will review case histories to determine if omissions at the time may have influenced what awards were approved. Routine time Imitations for award recommendations have been waived in these cases. The Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress, the principal fee-for-service research and analysis unit, was selected to conduct this research because of its expertise in researching historical documents and archival files of U.

    Researchers will use the Library of Congress's collections of historical documents, publications, and collections; service-record information obtained from other U. Government repositories, recognized veterans' organizations and family members; as well as published unit and ethnic histories, to fulfill the Army's requirements.

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    As a result, you are strongly encouraged to send your material via Fed-Ex or United Parcel Service UPS Please do not submit original document because the document will become the property of the U. Army Human Resources Command and will not be returned. Photocopies of official documents will be accepted. Please do not send Information on electronic media, such as computer disks or CDs.

    He feels that more understanding is necessary to fix the racial problems that are still evident around the country.

    Chapa says. For nearly 80 years, when women from Mexico immigrated to the United States, they brought with them a strong orientation to marriage, motherhood, and modesty. So successful were they in passing on family values, their daughters born in America actually experienced lower levels of nonmarital childbearing than their foreign-born moms. At least that was the case until , when the pattern reversed and the generations born north of the border began to move away from the family way of the motherland, according to Elizabeth Wildsmith of the University of Texas at Austin.

    Wildsmith studied data from two sources: samples from through of the IPUMS census files, which tracks "female headship" of households among whites, blacks, U. She found that rates of female headship were universally low among all categories of women from to , the lowest being among whites, the highest among blacks, and women of Mexican origin in between.

    After , the rates increased for all women and dramatically so for blacks. Controlled for education, the levels of headship for Mexican-born women are virtually the same as for whites since But for Mexican women born in the U. By , the differences were especially pronounced between the second and third generations of Mexican-origin women, the latter which were 2. For blacks, those Odds Ratios were 4.

    Wildsmith's regression analysis that tracked the relationship between education and nonmarital fertility found that while nonmarital fertility among white women was flat regardless of education, the higher nonmarital fertility rates for minority women depended somewhat on education. Having a high school education exerted a stronger negative influence on nonmarital fertility among first and second generation Mexican-Americans, but much less on the third-generation, whose high nonmarital fertility levels resembled that of blacks.

    The limited effect of a high school education to lower nonmarital childbearing in the third generation may suggest other factors may be weaning later generations of Mexican-Americans away from pro-family patterns. Although Wildsmith does not suggest this, the federal welfare system that other studies credit with raising nonmarital fertility rates among blacks since the s appears to have had the same effect on other minorities as well.

    Get It. Use It. Thousands of libraries across the country will use the campaign to promote library card use and enrollment. Libraries are places of opportunity for all Americans, and a library card is the best back-to-school supply and the smartest card a parent can give his or her child. Lopez, who is a library card holder at the Los Angeles Public Library, will lend his image and voice to promoting library card usage through the ALA's renowned READ poster series, a poster to promote library card sign up and usage, and television, radio and print public service announcements.

    Libraries are an amazing source of information and ideas in an environment that is open to everyone, regardless of their color, religion or social statusA library card provides each of us with the same access to knowledge. Reading fuels your dreams," said George Lopez.