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Y para ello las empresas deben reforzar el estudio de variedades que alarguen el ciclo en mejores condiciones, se adapten al clima y destaquen por su sabor, sin dejar de lado la poscosecha y la tendencia creciente a formatos de menor calibre. Meanwhile in other outdoor plantations it has bet for a novelty in mini format, the Bibo. Watermelon is trending and sector also shows it. In many aspects, from agrarian organizations to model analysis entities like Cajamar, the Grupo Fashion is shown as a guideline as it has been able.

Along with that, it has included a careful marketing strategy which put together very commercial formats mini calibers with an innovative package. We talk about Fashion Go, a Fashion watermelon brand of small size that is sold in a convenient net to ease the purchasing act to consumer. The success of that seedless watermelon is such that good part of seed houses keeps developing similar varieties.

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Nonetheless, current producers are similar to those in their aim of extending the harvesting window until the beginning of fall, in September. This has increased the demand of watermelon and melon, products whose consumption is closely linked to high temperatures. This increase is especially remarkable in Europe.

La respuesta es simple: No. Nuestros especialistas en planta deciden si el producto que entra es el adecuado para llevar la marca Bollo. Si no tenemos la calidad que queremos no nos dejamos llevar por la avaricia y destinamos el producto a otros canales secundarios. Se ha repetido una y otra vez hasta que el consumidor ha asumido que Bollo es un referente de calidad en la fruta.

Poco a poco hemos ido viendo que el cliente ya sabe que le van a salir buenos si llevan nuestra marca y se ha convertido en un Brand lover. Esa es la principal dificultad, no fallar nunca. Ese es el mejor marketing: que consigas que unos consumidores apasionados sean los que transmitan por el boca a boca la excelencia del producto.

We can start with a question. The answer is simple: no. It seems a contradiction that one of the companies that bet the most for promotion in big media considers as relative the role of advertising, but it must be said that behind a brand and product, there is the big work of an entire chain.

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Consumer is not a fool and he is not convinced just by appearing on TV. In Bollo International Fruits we care with real passion the quality and flavor of our products. Our agro department is one of the best, by far. Our privilege position by counting on production every day of the year,. Into the bargain, our decision of investing on own production in Brazil and Senegal has been consolidating us as the model brand not only in the summer season.

Although in citrus we have cutting-edge technology, in melon everything is done manually under the expert supervision of our team. Our specialists in the factory decide whether the product is adequate to get the Bollo brand. Once we have the product, like the Bollo Black Label melon, we have to communicate it and there advertise-. Since ten years ago we have been combining all the strategies to have a permanent presence in big media.

It has been repeated over and over again until consumer has assumed that Bollo is a referent in fruit quality. Step by step we have seen how client already knows that melons are to be good and tasty if he purchases our brand, so he has become a brand lover. That is the main difficulty: never disappoint. To have a good melon some time is not special, to have flavor and quality every day is only a matter of professionals.

That is the best marketing: to achieve passionate consumers who spread the word about the excellence of the product. A su servicio para desarrollar dispositivos personalizados. La apuesta por nuevas variedades, sobre todo sin pepitas, que mantienen el dulzor y el sabor tradicionales, aportando una crujiente y agradable textura, han favorecido este creciente auge. Ya es la fruta del verano por excelencia.

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Ellos han sabido entender las nuevas exigencias del mercado y se han esforzado para dar respuesta a las necesidades de los consumidores europeos. Por eso, nuestra imagen debe estar en perfecta consonancia con la elevada calidad de nuestros productos, para que los consumidores puedan reconocerlos con facilidad en cualquier parte del mundo. Watermelon has become one of the trending fruits by own merits. The bet for new varieties, mainly seedless that keeps sweet and traditional flavor, providing an agreeable and crunchy texture, have benefited this upward boom.

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We just need to see the numbers. And the authors of its success, with no doubt, are our farmers. At the same time, the commercialization companies have been able to generate added value through the creation of brands, differentiating their products that way and making them more easily recognizable at the shelves. We face the new campaign with the. Besides, for first time, we will extend our catalog until the end of summer, aiming to give continuity to our clients in all the European continent.

This step will drive us, too, to increase the commercialization value in both references.

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We are convinced that the best way to generate value for our producers is, as we said, distinction. For that, our image must be accordingly to the high quality of our products to be easily recognized by consumers in any part of the world. That is the only way to reach all consumers. Los pro- Las posibilidades de cambio a mejor para el sector son posibles.

Para ello, no solo es necesario querer innovar. Solo juntos es posible dar de nuevo el impulso que se merece al tomate. Geopolitics In fact, Morocco, one of our traditional competitors has contributed to the evolution of downward prices set by distribution. It is an unknown step forward until now and it will have consequences in the Spanish agriculture. What the measure will be is an interrogation, for the moment at least.

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Meanwhile, all the agricultural associations welcomed the. The cause is the withdrawal of the Moroccan importations that damaged so much when betting for small calibers and overcoming the quotas by flooding the European markets with low cost tomatoes. The innovation is a reality at a varietal level and also in other important aspects such as the bet for technology and new packaging formats, or even of sales forms for ex.