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That's if for today. We challenge you to find more and don't forget to send us your questions and comments. Let's talk about adverbs! Do you know the meaning of these two words? Let's explore how to use and pronounce these very often used Spanish adverbs. If you want to indicate that someone is going outside, toward the exterior, or even abroad with verbs of movement , you can use either afuera or fuera. Both forms are correct and are used indistinctly in both Spain and Latin America. Let's see some sentences:. However, it is also very common to use afuera throughout the Americas.

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Let's hear the pronunciation of these two words one more time:. Caption 31, Amaya "Mi camper van". Both afuera and fuera can be used as interjections. There are several useful idiomatic expressions with the word fuera. Let's see some of them:. Caption 36, Los casos de Yabla Problemas de convivencia - Part 2. Caption 38, Negocios Empezar en un nuevo trabajo - Part 1. We hope this review helps you to use correctly the adverbs fuera and afuera.

Keep that in mind and don't forget to send us your comments and suggestions. Let's talk about family! Do you know how to say words like "father" or "cousin" in Spanish? Today, we will learn how to say the names of the most important family members in Spanish. In particular, we will see how to write and pronounce those names.


Let's take a look. Familia is the Spanish word for family. It is important to say that this is a feminine collective noun. Collective nouns are words that we use for particular groups. However, these nouns are treated as singular words. Let's see how this works:. My family is small and warm. Captions , Carlos explica Sustantivos colectivos. Caption 2, Yago 10 Enfrentamientos - Part 7. However, just like for the word "mother", there are some other terms people use when talking with or about their fathers:. Caption 5, X6 1 - La banda - Part 3.

Caption 9, Guillermina y Candelario Un regalo de Estrellas. Caption 30, Zoraida en Coro El pintor Yepez. And his Uncle Aldo believes that he's dead, his Uncle Lucio has faith that he's alive. Caption 22, Yago 8 Descubrimiento - Part 3. Caption 69, Yago 8 Descubrimiento - Part 1. Caption 15, Lecciones con Carolina Participios - Ejemplos de uso. Finally, keep in mind that when using the plural forms of these nouns, you should use the male form when the group is made of both male and female members:.

We invite you to take a piece of paper and design your family tree with the names of the family members in Spanish. Do you want to know how to form 'if clauses' in Spanish? The first thing you need to know is that the word " si " is the Spanish term we use for the English word "if". So, from now on, think of ' si clauses' as 'if clauses'. Let's dive into some of the grammar rules and different uses that define ' si clauses' in Spanish. We use ' si clauses' when we want to form conditional sentences. Caption 47, Ana Carolina Condicionales. Moreover, in Spanish, we have three different kinds of conditional sentences.

We use these sentences to express things that are very likely to happen. In other words, if the condition occurs, the result will also occur. Let's see an example:.

Caption 56, Ana Carolina Condicionales. We use this kind of ' si clauses' when the speaker has serious doubts about the condition and its potential result. If I won the lottery, I'd travel around the whole world, and I'd stay at the most luxurious hotels. Finally, we use these conditional sentences when we talk about a condition in the past that didn't occur, which means that it is impossible for the result to happen. Caption 5, Yago 12 Fianza - Part 1. Now that we know the three main types of 'if clauses' in Spanish, let's see how to form each one of these types of conditional clauses.

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Caption 61, Ana Carolina Condicionales. If I found an envelope with fifty thousand euros, I'd take it , of course. And I'd buy a convertible car. It's a shame; If we had signed the contract last week, everything would stay the same. Captions , Negocios Problemas laborales - Part 2.

Furthermore, in spoken Spanish it is common to use the pluperfect subjunctive in the result clause just like in the example we previously mentioned:. And don't forget to send us your comments and questions. Let's look at the meaning, uses, and spelling of this interjection.

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To express encouragement or disbelief. It works like the English expression "come on":.

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Bueno, y si no puedes No importa. Well, and if you can't It doesn't matter. Come on!

See you later! To express the regular, repetitive beat of a march. In this case, you need to repeat the interjection hala, hala. One of the easy things about this interjection is its spelling. Well, because one of the most common expressions you'll hear from Real Madrid fans is " hala Madrid ," which means " let's go Madrid ".

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In this case, hala conveys its meaning as an expression of encouragement. It can also be used to express surprise. And that's it for this lesson. Spanish Lessons Topics.

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Do you know where the library is? The spray, ss It's called Frigiliana, and it's in the province of Malaga. Where's the funeral? Where is the party? Llamar to call This is probably the most important verb when you want to indicate that you are making a call. One moment, I'm going to call [them]. When I called on the phone, it was to talk to Lucio. The first time your dad called me, it was not to the house. Let's see this verb in action.

Sorry, I was in a meeting and I couldn't answer your call. Tengo que contestar esta llamada. I'm sorry, excuse me. I have to answer this call. Hola This is the Spanish equivalent of 'hello'.

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A very common way of answering the phone in Spain. I'm talking on the telephone. I talk on the telephone. Me puedes escuchar? Can you hear me? Y ahora que te oigo , de maravilla.