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On the basis of statistical data, the tourist traffic was analysed in a temporal and spatial perspective. In each of the analysed periods, January dominates. Data concerning the origin of tourists according to countries and continents, their age, gender and type of mountaineering activity were also taken into account. Aconcagua has invariably been a very popular peak among tourists and climbers. It is a place for training and acclimatisation for alpinists, participating in Himalayan expeditions and climbers collecting peaks of the Seven Summits.

Massification of higher education is a contemporary phenomenon, and Bangladesh is an excellent example of massification in the sector. With increased alertness worldwide among nations, policy-makers and development bodies, massification of higher education is a requirement of time.

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Increasing number of youth also contribute to the phenomenon…. The study sets out to examine massification and its impact on quality assurance in tertiary education and the extent to which lecturer—student ratio, adequacy of infrastructure and pedagogical resources affect quality in tertiary institutions. Two research questions and one hypothesis were posed to guide the investigation.


An Andean type Palaeozoic convergence in the Bohemian Massif. Schulmann, K. Grass survey of the Itremo Massif records endemic central highland Twenty species are endemic to the central highlands, and a further 1 4 species are restricted to Madagascar. Five ecological groups of grasses were identified in the Itremo Massif : shade species in gallery forests, open wet area species, fire grasses, anthropogenic disturbance associated grasses and rock-dwelling grasses.

Marquaire, C. This report concerns the geology of uranium in Limousin, more particularly in the St-Sylvestre massif , and the related phenomena: regional geology, petrographic and geochemical zonal distribution observed in various granite massifs , uranium movement in connection with surface alteration, geochronology of uranium ore. The work is made up of six articles covering the various scientific aspects listed above. Each article is headed with an abstract. L'ouvrage comprend six articles qui recouvrent les differents aspects scientifiques enumeres.

Chacun de ces six articles est precede d'un resume.

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Uranium mineralization in the Bohemian Massif and its exploration. Long-term systematic and planned uranium survey including airborne, carborne, ground, logging and laboratory radiometric measurements as well as geological and geochemical investigations have shown a difference in radioactivity of two regional geological units in Czechoslovakia.

The higher regional radioactivity of the Variscan granitoid rocks of the Bohemian Massif differs from that of the West Carpathians and is associated with more frequent uranium mineralization. Endogenous vein-type uranium mineralization has a spatial association with high-radioactivity granitoids in the Bohemian Massif. Airborne prospection defined rock radioactivity features on a regional scale while surface and subsurface radiometric and geological investigations using various techniques localized important uranium deposits.

Complex statistical evaluation of numerous geophysical and geological data was studied in order to delineate uranium-favourable areas. Due to its high-altitude mountainous nature, the aquifer is unpolluted and therefore has to be regarded as a potential source of drinking water for the future. International Ocean Discovery Program IODP Expedition successfully cored an east—west transect across the southern wall of Atlantis Massif on the western flank of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge to study the links between serpentinization processes and microbial activity in the shallow subsurface of highly altered ultramafic and mafic sequences that have been uplifted to the seafloor along a major detachment fault zone.

The primary goals of this expedition were to 1 examine the role of serpent Quelques phases granitiques intrusives dans le Massif des Trois Seigneurs. Geochemistry study of orientation made in the Uranio mission context[Geochemical prospection of Uranium in Uruguay]; Estudios geoquimicos de orientacion realizados en el marco de la mision Uranio.

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The objective of the geochemical study or guidance study, is to select the three main parameters of strategic a geochemical prospection: place election for samples extraction, king of material to sample, the average density of sampling. Also throughout the tours, complementary studies can take place in order to improve the chosen techniques initially.

Inspiring by results obtained by Alain Lambert to us by the end of in diverse tactics done in known indications, we have come to a preliminary study days 7 and 8 of January of in the South Long Hill region.

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During the campaign of strategic prospection, two complementary studies were realised: one in the region of Yerba Sola and another one in Paso Severino from the 6 to the 9 of October of Occurrence of springs in massifs of crystalline rocks, northern Portugal. Over 1, springs were identified and associated with geological domains and fracture sets. Using cross-tabulation analysis, spring distributions by fracture sets were compared among geological environments, and the deviations related to differences in rock structure and, presumably, to differences in deformational histories.

The relation between spring frequencies and rock structures was further investigated by spectral determination, the model introduced in this study. The model's output includes the so-called intrinsic densities, a parameter indexing spring occurrence to factors such as fracture type and associated deformational regime and age. The highest densities Mohorovicic discontinuity depth analysis beneath North Patagonian Massif. The North Patagonian Massif is a km2, sub-rectangular plateau that stands out to m higher in altitude than the surrounding topography.

The creation of this plateau took place during the Oligocene through a sudden uplift without noticeable internal deformation. This quite different mechanical response between the massif and the surrounding back arc, the short time in which this process took place and a regional negative Bouguer anomaly in the massif area, raise the question about the isostatic compensation state of the previously mentioned massif. In the present work, a comparison between different results about the depth of the Mohorovicic discontinuity beneath the North Patagonian Massif and a later analysis is made.

It has the objective to analyze the crustal thickness in the area to contribute in the determination of the isostatic balance and the better understanding of the Cenozoic evolution of the mentioned area. The comparison is made between four models; two of these were created with seismic information Feng et al. The latter was the result of the adaptation to the work area of a three-dimensional density model made with some additional information, mainly seismic, that constrain the surfaces.

The work of restriction and adaptation of this model, the later analysis and comparison with the other three models and the combination of both seismic models to cover the lack of resolution in some areas, is presented here. According the different models, the crustal thickness of the study zone would be between 36 and 45 Km.

These results talk us about a crust thicker than normal and that could behave as a rigid and independent block. Moreover, it can be observed that there are noticeable differences between gravimetric and seismic. In recent years, the rapid growth of higher education in Taiwan has led to an essential shift from education for the elite to the massification of higher education. Although this massification is making higher education more accessible, one of the main concerns is whether opportunities for higher education are the same among all social classes in….

Early fracturing in argillaceous massifs and related carbonate transfer. To be sure of the stability in the future of underground storage in argillaceous massifs needs to understand the present-day properties of the sediment in the light of its history. That joint program involves tens of geo-scientists, and we would like to present here the main objects we study and the methods we apply.

The base of the project is made of selected large reference-outcrops where an early fracturing is undoubtedly visible in the field. Both are made of thick marls and intercalated limestone beds and nodules. Geophysical monitoring as an information source of rock massif behaviour. Full Text Available Geophysical measurements are an integral part of engineering-geological investigation where theypresent a wide range of useful information about the tested geological medium and about its geotechnicalqualities.

Lately, repeated geophysical measurements in different time intervals have been used to judgethe changes occurring in the rock massif. These measurements bear the characteristics of total monitoring. This total monitoring contains series of repeated measurements and further an integrated spectrum of linkedactivities including evaluation, comparison with the warning state and making a decision about takingprecautions.

From the range of geophysical methods and methodologies used for monitoring in full sensewe may mention, for example, continuous seismoacoustic measurements in mining constructions; whichmay result even in recalling of the personnel, and further, also seismic measurements in the surroundingsof atomic power stations and measurements considering the protection against radioactive elements and their decay components.

As a full monitoring we may also classify measurements in dumping sites with the aid of repeated geoelectrical measurements in the system of fixed electrodes under impermeable foils. These measurements are mostly carried out from time to time followed by taking immediate action when the foil is found damaged.

In practice the term monitoring is used, although not very correctly, for all periodically repeated measurements, which do not result in taking action or interference, but supply a wide range of information about the rock massif behavior in time. Geological and geophysical investigations at Sierra del Medio massif - Argentine. Perucca, J. Geological investigations were performed at Sierra del Medio Chubut Province , a mountainous massif of about 25 km by 8 km of migmatic origin, which emerges from a depressed tectonic trench or graben called Pampa de Gastre.

The most ancient rocks belong to biotitic and anphibolic schist that passed almost entirely to tonalitoid migmatites with a second process producing granitic rocks.

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Boreholes were drilled on the basis of conclusions from Landsat satellites imagery and aerial photographic sets, folowed by field work on geological, petrographic, geophysical and hydrogeological features at surface, structural interpretation supported by geostatistical computations. Two sets of boreholes were drilled to investigate subsurface rock behaviour al m depth and m depth respectively, beginning at peripheral places and ending at the central part or selected site.

Basic purposes of boreholes were to define structural and petrographic features of the rock massif by a good comprehension of master joints and faulting distribution with its belts of alteration mylonitization or brecciation, mechanical properties of samples, chemical composition and varitions, petrographic facies and mineralogy. Boreholes provided data to investigate joints, faults and dikes as general discontinuities for hydraulic research like permeability or effective hydraulic conductivity, and their geostatistical modelling.