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Their interests became. I did see and talk to other people before i met her. She was staring up at the night sky, the stars twinkling and the.
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Take water and whatever you like with you. You can bring your dog, no problem,if you controll it and if it doesn,t annoy to other people carefull,,,there are a goats and other animals. Haven,t be there at night. But is nice pleace. We stop somwhere there and swim who like it.

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Some small picknick on the beach, wine and tapas whatever you bring and rest time ,then we come back. Don,t think we walk more than km at all. If you join, you confirm you are responsable for your self. Schwierigkeit leicht Strecke 8,4 km Dauer Std. Unfallversicherung Max.

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Mindestalter 12 Jahre Mitzubringen: 2l. ING Directions from Palma: The journey from Palma or another part of the island to the starting point, must be organized by everyone. I myself come from Pollensa and can take someone with me from Inca Anthonys, max 8 persons at Popular round trip This hike takes us from the village of Randa along the road until we reach the Finca Albenya. From there you walk on narrow, rocky paths to the monastery, Santuari de Nostra Senyora de Cura.

At the summit of a height of m we are rewarded with a spectacular view. After a break in the moonlight with picnic self-service we descend southwards from the summit down to Randa.

Tour character: Easy hike on asphalt, trails and forest paths. Difficulty easy Distance 8. Prerequisites: every participant should have good physical condition and confidence. Minimum age 12 years To bring: 1,5l. Water and a snack, sportswear and solid footwear with good sole, better ankle high hiking boots.

Consider the hike takes place in the dark, although with full moon but we need a headlamp which holds four hours or longer and changing batteries. ESP Salida desde Palma:El viaje desde Palma u otro lugar de la isla hasta el punto de partida debe organizar cada uno. Yo mismo salgo desde Pollensa y puedo parar en Inca, Anthonys, para recoger hasta 8 personas a las Un itinerario circular popular. Esta ruta nos lleva desde el pueblo de Randa por la carretera hasta la Finca Albenya.

En la cumbre, que tiene una altura de m, nos recompensan unas vistas espectaculares. Hi, I go to walk hours near to Palma. Son Vida hills.

From its top there is amazing view of all Palma area. Is no car necessary. This walk is around 12 km long 6 there and same way back , desnivel is around meters. This event is for people with some sport experience only. The event is to meet on the final point and tell to others something interesting about a moon. We can walk together, but keep in mind, anyone takes his own responsability. Thats ofcourse not a excursion with turist guide : Officcialy the event is[masked] on the top of the hill on the final of route you can find in picture album here in full moon walking group.

Be carefull , is meter high mountain. Its not any kind of excursion with a turist guide : We hike to the top of mountain and while rest there, any one has to tell some joke. Thats the plan : If anyone need transport, ask here and someone will help. Learn more. Full Moon Walking Mallorca. We talk about a better-quality potato fresher and with higher organoleptic properties that is not appreciated in the market.

The next-to-nothing price of the conservation potato along with its unpolluted aspect for being watched and having clear peel , make it the preferred one by the Spanish Bid Distribution. It has been a change from a yearly domestic consumption of 1,, tonnes in , to 1. All of that makes the sector to live a constant price crisis that decrease the profitability of the producer causing a gradual decrease of the cultivated surface.

Then, in there were , hectares of potato in Spain, in , hectares and currently there are only 73, cultivated hectares. A number that, just in comparison with the previous year means a decrease of 3. This fact has benefited at the beginning the level of prices in comparison with the last two campaigns, which were sold below the costs cents versus the cents in In conclusion, an Inter-professional organization that creates the bases for the creation of one at national level to help the sector to wake up and to fight once for all for differentiate its huge-quality product.

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The goal is to stop waiting in the bench our opportunity versus the French potato and to promote the value of our product, in favor of the Spanish agro-industrial network. No obstante, respetando las horquillas de costes, hay margen. Definir unas normas de calidad culinaria claras y sencillas, con un etiquetado trasparente que no induzca a error en el consumidor 4. The countless economic losses of the campaign have been balanced with the acceptable prices of , that have caused a reaction of the production sector and good part of the commerce in origin, and we feel obliged to make a reflection and a plan of future of the potato cultivation.

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The sector demands professionalization from production to distribution, including the commerce, with contracts that guarantee the profitability to all the parties involved. The existing lack of organization has caused the trivialization of the product; that way, year after year, there is a decrease of productions. In an analysis per Communities, we would see that the one with less downfall has been Galicia, where years ago they bet for the culinary quality of the potato through a Regulator Council.

If in it was in 1,, Tn, in was reduced to 1,, From those data, we must reflect and value the current business opportunities for all the agents of the chain, from production to the industrial commerce. It just cares about the price. In Spain, we lack of an only organization that speaks in behalf of the whole sector, with production and sustainability controls that could be translated into profitability in exploitations.

Nonetheless, respecting the costs differences, there is profitability margin for everyone; then, if in production we have costs among 0. When margins are distorted, potato gets trivialized because the prices downfall and farmer quits, so consumer uses other substitution products such as pasta.

Some clear rules of production sustainable with the environment. To apply storage regulations according to every culinary use of the potato. To define some clear and simples rules of culinary quality, with a transparent labeling in order not to confuse consumer. To have clear and fast arbitration resources, that act of mediation between the diversity of criteria. The Spanish agro-food sector and the bio-economy challenges roberto garcia torrente. Its progressive application would redound in the diversification and strengthening of our productive pattern, guaranteeing in a mid and long term the value, employment and richness it generates every year.

Along with the permanent search for new vegetables materials to ensure a high productivity, the use of microorganisms as handlers of the ground fertility and phytosanitary protection of roots, as well as the use of bio-pesticides through micro-algae are increasingly frequent.


In terms of agricultural production, we have even a wider improvement margin to make our efficiency better and walk towards a more intelligent agriculture from standard processes as in any other industry about irrigation, fertilization, climate control, treatment against pets and harvesting moment.

In third place, in food aspects, we count on diverse alternatives that could complement and increase the added value in a context of growth of the worry for the health and social respect, for a better use of the massive. I mean the progressive reduction of the production percentage that is yearly dismissed as waste, the development of convenience products with defective-appeal fruits and the acquisition of bio-active substances through fresh produces to add further to other food matrixes. Lastly, aside from the pure productive and commercial questions, there are two crucial elements in order to keep advancing in competitiveness from the intensification of our bet for the knowledge and the company: the promotion of the communication between the system of formal innovation and the company, and the management of the collective action.

These, otherwise may become permanent barriers of the development of our sector. It is a vacuum-packed product that maintains all the flavor and texture of the just-boiled carrot, thanks to the quality and selection of the raw material, the pasteurization treatment and its storage in cold that extends the useful life up to three months. Huercasa, seasoned in the elaboration of innovative vegetable products and European leader on convenience products, points out that its latest novelty is ideal as garnish with fish and meat, and also be used with pasta or any kind of stew.

Beside its boiled carrot, which already can be purchased in the Spanish market, the firm is preparing several launches of products in the upcoming months. Both the specific industrial sector and the social and economic fabric in general may reap great benefits from solutions that add value to products, improve brand recognition, contribute to food safety, and, in particular, offer effective solutions to reduce food wastage along the production line.

New consumption habits, the globalisation of markets, the demand for more environmental friendliness and the possibilities offered by technological progress are the main principles driving the demand for high-performing packaging from the point of view of logistic management, protection of the packaged product, easiness of use, and consumption, in addition to a need for social and environmental sustainability. If, from this point of view, the first step taken by the sector was that of working on the design and the geometry of thermoformed packaging in order to maximise protection and the conservation of products and to highlight their presence at sales points, a diffuse sensitivity towards the use of recycled material such as r-PET, which makes it possible to use fewer raw materials and to save more electricity, has been added to the mix.

ILIP is a trailblazer in this field, having achieved a closed loop of PET recycling with the vertical integration of all phases, up to the creation of a new package for produce. This has placed the company at a top position regarding some of the goals defined by the European Commission, which has recently approved new measures for circular economy, with particular emphasis on this subject.

The future will bring an affirmation of active packaging, i. Although this type of packaging is not yet diffuse at a commercial level, our laboratory tests have yielded very positive results regarding the ability to slow down produce deterioration and a few functional solutions. This result is obtained by adding controlled-release fillers to the plastic material or the absorbing pad, with antimicrobial or ethylene-absorbing function ethylene accelerates fruit ripening.

These solutions obviously require assurance on technical performance in the actual context of use and on compliance to regulations in force, but we are convinced that the sector is ready to take this historical step. ILIP was the first European company of the sector to adhere to the project, and research on functional packaging is a concrete step. Adelita, obtenida y registrada por PLANASA, se ha convertido en la berry de moda de los campos no solo andaluces, sino de todo el mundo. Se distingue por una fruta muy grande y atractiva, con. The company bets totally for this variety and wants its space in the fair to become the meeting point of its producers club as well as a place to celebrate its success worldwide.

All these features make Adelita to be the preferred one of those searching for a superior quality the days of the year.

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Currently over 2, hectares of Adelita are being cultivated by selected farmers in the whole world. This raspberry variety is so exclusive it just can be obtained through a marketer club with the aim of maintaining its quality, from when it is cultivated to it is purchased by final consumer.

Community dwarf banana and the international commercial incoherence santiago rodriguez.

A nuestro juicio es necesario restablecer cuanto antes la coherencia: 1. Nonetheless, despite that, they currently are in a threating process without precedents nor justification.