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Bumble also has a BFF feature, but that's really not the focus of a dating app gallery, so I'll save it for another time. Hinge. Screenshot by Rebecca.
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Valid for las. What products to use, and how to prevent something like this happening again. But most of all, I hope it helps. That everyone can identify and trouble shoot. To find out just what is going on, and how big and wide spread the problem really is. And that goes for influencers too.

She was one of the most recognizable faces, and curls! And most vocal supporter of the DevaCurl brand. Coming up against a huge giant in the curl community, in any community, is scary! The thought of being sued by a multi-million dollar company is huge. The more people who speak out and come forward about the issues they are experiencing with their hair, the more power there is to do something about it. There are thousands of DevaCurl customers experiencing the same issues, which seem to have started in Or if this is specific to DevaCurl which so far, it appears to be , or if this could happen with any other brand.

Nor have they truly understood the importance of clarifying curly hair. This is the golden triangle of hair care that no one brand is fulfilling within their line of products: regular clarifying, with a balance of protein and moisture. So many issues are simply down to not clarifying hair properly, regularly, or sometimes ever!

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I can name one, maybe two brands in the curl community who have a decent clarifying shampoo in their product line up: Bounce Curl and MopTop. Clarifying curly hair on a regular basis is essential to a healthy scalp and roots. See this post for more info.

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You need a balance of protein and moisture, with regular deep cleaning and deep conditioning for healthy, defined, hydrated, frizz-free curly hair and hair growth. Some brands have entire lines and ranges of products that are completely protein-free and focus entirely on moisture. Often containing heavy moisturizing agents, oils and butters. If you only use that brand of products, it will lead, at some point, to over-moisturized hair, and eventually hygral fatigue.

Other brands have lots of protein in them. Which often come with formulas that contain lots of oils, to try and counter-act the drying effects of so much protein. Again, if you only use that brand of products, it can lead to brittle hair with lots of breakage. Dry, straw-like frizz, curls will lose definition and the natural curl pattern will stretch out and appear relaxed.

Ultimately, protein overload.

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The oils, butters and heavy moisturizing agents, especially if they are cheap and poor quality. Can cause a bizarre variety of issues that appear to be both over-moisturized, and protein overload. This is due to the oils, butters and moisturizing agents weighing down the hair. Suffocating and either over-moisturizing, or dehydrating it.

Preventing moisture getting into the curl, and hydrating the hair. You need to deeply cleanse , detox and clarify the hair to get those heavy oils, butters and moisturizing agents off the hair. So it can breathe and absorb water to hydrate itself! Read this post for more information on clarifying. I started my curly journey in May Since then, her curl pattern has completely changed from tight 3b-c ringlets, to barely a 2a-b wave! In July , DevaCurl sent me a selection of their products. After the first wash, I experienced an itchy scalp. I also noticed I was losing more hair than usual on wash days.

This carried on for about washes, then I stopped using the products. I felt sure they were causing the itchy, irritated scalp. The hair loss was alarming. When DevaCurl sent me a range of products to try in , it was with the view of creating content on the blog, should I like the products. I continued to be on the DevaCurl PR list. Towards the end of , I asked to speak with someone from head office regarding the issues and growing concern around their products. I received the same statement that everyone else has been seeing and receiving.

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  • DevaCurl need to acknowledge and address the issue openly, and fully transparently. Not give vague statements that could come from any company, about any product. You can read their latest statement here. As consumers and residents of this planet, we should all make a conscious effort to be more mindful of the ingredients and products we use, put in and on our body, and end up in our environment. Not hard and fast rules to be abided by at all other costs. Eg: that cost being the health of your hair. We still need to use our own judgement, intelligence and intuition. All these apps are a great starting point , to give you confidence in purchasing products.

    Ultimately, the best way to gauge if a product is working for your hair, is not through some app. Look at the your hair, what is it telling you? What does it feel like?

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    • Take regular pictures of your hair, from various angles. Not only on wash days, but on the days in between, the good days, and the bad days. Keep a note of what products you used and when, and link it up with the dates on your pictures.

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      The steady decline and damage in the pictures, from thousands of people at this stage, is evident and clear to see. It also makes it easier to pin point when the damage started, and therefore what may be causing it. Disclaimer: They are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission on any purchase you make through my links, or using my discount codes. But I am not trying to profit off of this situation. The links are to US sites, and most products are available on my Amazon Shop.

      Most of them are available on my Amazon UK Shop. This will also remove a build up of oils, butters and moisturizing agents from the hair. You may need to do this for more than one wash day. If your hair is really bad, use it for consecutive wash days, then gradually reduce it to once a week. Then every 2 weeks, and then once every weeks going forward. Not only will these products cleanse the hair, but by removing all the gunk and build up.

      It also allows your hair to be able to absorb the moisture, hydration and protein it needs. In order to be healthy, grow and curl properly again. Regularly deep condition after each deep cleansing, clarifying wash detailed above. Using good quality products, containing good quality ingredients.

      Read this post on protein moisture balance , which also has a corresponding YouTube video. If you have a lot of wet frizz, even after conditioning. Or if your curls are dropping and losing definition — use a deep conditioner that contains protein. Leave your deep conditioner on for at least 20 minutes, and no more than an hour. Using a thermal heat cap can help maximize the benefits of these deep conditioners.

      You may need to do this consistently for a few weeks, or even a few months, before you see positive results. Members can now search by city or drop a pin on the map to begin liking, matching and chatting with Tinder members in a destination of their choice and not have to navigate around their current location, as was the case earlier. With restaurants, bars, gyms, offices, and entertainment establishments around the world all temporarily closed, people are looking for human connection now more than ever before," Ariel Charytan, chief execuitve, OkCupid said.

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