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As for hedges, there are only epistemic verbs, not conditional structures or indirect formulae. Nevertheless, these markers are part of the text; even more, they construct the text. Thus, it is difficult, if not impossible, that they appear isolated from syntactic or discursive structures and strategies. They construe the text in order to pursue a specific purpose, so markers necessarily must appear in context and at times connected internally. And here resides one of the problems of Google Translate, that is, it only translates words and it does not consider the extralinguistic elements —culture, intentionality— that surround the text.

Thorney How offers a range of pleasant, sociable and welcoming environments for its guests to enjoy. The flexible accommodation can cater for individual bookings, family rooms, small groups and large groups. Up to 50 bunk style beds are arranged in a total of 12 bedrooms ranging from 2 beds to 6 beds per room, including some twin and double beds. We can now also offer en-suite accommodation in All other wash room facilities are shared.

Bed linen is provided unless otherwise stated. The main house has 7 rooms and up to 28 bed spaces. Ropa de cama incluida menos que se indique lo contrario. Finally, all the errors in this translation are identified and commented together with a translation proposal. To categorise the errors the classification made by Christiane Nord has been followed.

On the one hand, she talks about pragmatic errors, which damage the functionality or purpose of the source text in the target text. On the other hand, she talks about cultural errors that do not follow the normal conventions of the target language, so they create an inadequate translation.

Finally, she considers linguistic errors, which are errors caused by an incomplete knowledge of the target language. They can be classified in lexical and semantic errors that relate to an incorrect choice of vocabulary; syntactic errors, produced by the bad expression of the linguistic structures of the target language, and stylistic errors that are caused by an incorrect use of the language, for example, due to the lack of euphony, a heavy or impoverished style, pleonasms, unnecessary repetitions, or lack of expressive richness.

All of these errors affect the quality of the translation. This error, as all interpersonal metadiscursive errors, is odd for readers of the target language; therefore, it creates a bad image of the hostel. Finally, in the translation proposed, adjectives in place of qualifying the prepositional complement they qualify the noun to add clarity in the sentence.

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My proposed una variedad de entornos agradable, sociable y acogedora translation: Source text for its guests to enjoy. Nevertheless, this is not the case.

Readers of the target language will consider this odd. A translation that would work better for alojamiento flexible may be flexibilidad del alojamiento. My proposed La flexibilidad del alojamiento permite translation: Source text small groups and large groups. In the translation proposal the choice has been to just delete one noun, since the repetition of groups is unnecessary.

Nevertheless, is unnatural for the target audience.

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Type of error: Syntactic error Commentary: The order of this sentence is not an order that a reader of the target is used to. Source text 1 x double en-suite. Habitaciones de lavado is a calque that is not used in the target language. Also, Google Translate has maintained the passive voice, which in Spanish, except in some cases, is not common. Here, it is out of place with the more or less colloquial tone of the text; so, in the proposed translation it has been translated as a reflexive passive. Lastly, there is a mistake respect to concordance, since habitaciones is feminine and plural and compartidos, masculine and plural.

Also, in the proposed translation indique has been changed for especifique, since it adds clarity to the meaning. My proposed a menos que se especifique lo contrario. It has simply translated every word literally in a way that the sentence is hard to understand. Also, the arbitrariness of Google Translate when deciding where to place adjectives can be observed, since sometimes it places them before the noun —as in the prior case grandes grupos—, and sometimes after the noun. Here, the verb sits refers to the location of the hostel.

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It has been taken into account the interpersonal metadiscursive markers: boosters, self-mentions, hedges, attitude markers and engagement markers. Grammatical —lexical, semantic, syntactic— and stylistic errors have also been considered. With the correction of these errors it is expected that the text follows the conventions that tourism related texts should follow.

La casa principal tiene 7 habitaciones y hasta 28 espacios para camas. This is due to, on the one hand, an inadequate use of interpersonal metadiscursive markers, which are essential in the achievement of persuasion.

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On the other hand, it misuses the basic rules of the target language —Spanish in this case— making lexical and semantic errors, syntactic errors and stylistic errors. Being able to properly use the grammar and the style of the target language is the base to carry out a quality translation. Also, besides the linguistic factors, a translator should consider the cultural factors by adapting the content, if necessary, when translating.

In the case of tourism texts it is especially important when corporations want to reach different countries. Then, to get a quality translation it is necessary to keep in mind glogalisation, internationalisation and localisation Pierini, 3.

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Through this study it has been proven that Google Translate does not take into consideration these factors. Furthermore, this study shows the different degrees of relevance that interpersonal metadiscursive markers have in tourism texts.

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The markers that are less considered in this type of specialised texts are hedges and attitude markers. Engagement markers are more important in tourism texts and have a moderate presence in the corpora that form this study. Thus, Google Translate by misusing the grammar and the style of the languages, it also misuses interpersonal metadiscursive markers when translating. This way, the image of the corporations is damaged, and persuasion, their ultimate goal with which they intend to attract clients, is not achieved. For this reason we can conclude that automatic translators have certain limitations and they cannot carry out the same tasks as professional translators, that is, only professional translators can offer quality translations in the field of persuasive tourism texts.

Written Communication, 6, Bugnot, M. Cappelli, G.


The translation of tourism-related websites and localization: problems and perspectives. Hyland, K.

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Disciplinary interactions: metadiscourse in L2 postgraduate writing. Journal of Second Language Writing, 13, Disciplinary voices: interactions in research writing. English Text construction, 1, 1 , Metadiscourse: Exploring interaction in writing. London: Continuum. Metadiscourse: Mapping interactions in academic writing.

Nordic journal of English Studies, 9 2 , Litvin, S. Electronic word-of-mouth in hospitality and tourism management. Tourism Management 29 3 , Vargas, Chelo Ed. Granada, Comares. Nord, C.

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