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Alcalá de los gazules conocer mujeres

Our Resource Library Our Service Offerings Follow this with a fritada de pescados fried fish platter , some marisco shellfish and then finish your meal with one of the excellent desserts. And you should end your day at the local marina and watch the sunset behind Sancti Petri Castle, which is also well worth a visit.

A real must is the trio that Chiclana is famous for: butifarra sausage, flavoured with cinnamon, chicharrones de carne pork scratchings and tocino de cerdo fritos en manteca pork belly fried in lard , along with the latest dish to come out of this market, the chicharrones especiales special. Just ask for the Castillo and Manuel Alcantara stalls to try them for yourself. A traditional spot The Bodega del Sanatorio winery in Chiclana serves a golden-hued Moscatel wine called Gloria, which is delicious served with butifarra sausage.

You will think you have travelled back in time, as the food is served on transparent Duralex plates which are nearly museum pieces.

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Manguita is the place to eat seafood in Chiclana. The tables on its terrace are usually full. Try the langostinos de Chiclana, the king prawns from the local tidal inlets, when they are in season. More suggestions on page Finish your meal with a slice of the almond tart made by the nuns at the Convento de las Angustinas Recoletas in Calle Larga. But if you feel like something a little less traditional, try one of the cakes at the Selva Dulce bakery, run by Thomas Grzib, a German who has settled in Chiclana. It overlooks the moorings at the yacht club, just outside the city. Choose one of the so-called rock fish: urta red band bream , pargo snapper to name just two that are fried or baked in the oven Sancti Petri at its purest.

Delicious doughnuts.

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  5. Near to the market. Available mornings and afternoons every day in winter, except on Saturdays and Sundays. Only a. They also serve coffee and pastries.

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    Natural salt pans open to visitors. Its restaurant is open for dinner. A dry sherry that is very popular in Chiclana, that is ideal with tapas. You can buy it from the winery. Open in the morning. Chiclana sherries. Open a. Cured meat products, fish, fruit and vegetables Mercado Central de Abastos. Bodegas square. Morning and afternoon. Open every day, except Saturday and Sunday evenings. It also has a coffee shop. Traditional and innovative tapas. Selva Dulce La Vid st. La Fuente residential. El Copo 3. Open mornings and evenings every day.

    Tortilla rellena stuffed Spanish omelette El de los Pintxos Arroyuelo st. Basque tapas. Over 50 different dishes. Open every day in July and August. Only open for lunch the rest of the year and closed on Mondays. Modern and traditional tapas. Serranito thin sliced cured ham, and thin, pan-fried pork chop served with a whole fried green pepper El Cerro del Trigo 17 Hornaza st. Specialises in meat and cold cuts. Traditional tapas and portions. Langostino envuelto en bacon con salsa ali oli King Prawn wrapped in bacon and served with garlic mayonnaise.

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    Uses seasonal market produce.