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These have been positioning at European level taking the spot of countries with a great tradition in this segment, like Latin Americans. Nonetheless, the scarcity of produce caused a paradox situation, at the very least. The own president of the Spanish Association of Tropical Fruits, Miguel Gutierrez, told us about the discomfort of the community distribution before figures around the 2. The shortage of European market has been the responsible to a greater extent. On its part, custard apple keeps being the minority product of this threesome, since its minor postharvest and the lack of kwnoledge about this fruit in the European market and.

The sector of subtropical fruits is living a great commercial moment, as consumption keeps growing in the global market. Besides they are marvelously healthy, so they appeal the population that is increasingly tending to have a healthier lifestyle. The range of projects in technical and innovation levels, as well as commercially that give both raw materials avocado and mango is very wide. Different targets, different formats, different channels, different category of products, and the best of all: everything fresh and with quality.

Juices, sauces or meats. That way. In our case, we are having a very good experience with the line of fresh processed products, thanks to the mentality of innovation and differentiation of the company. In Frutas Montosa we have very clear the importance of continuing innovating, but always by trying to look for the adequate moment, without rush that could affect the organic growth of the company. In my opinion, the fiber-free mango and with flavor will have to be the base of the product positioning.

With both, that schedule will be long enough to maintain an adequate branding presence that moves consumer.

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Our current work in Ramafrut is focused on the consolidation of our brand and on the search for optimal production zones that allow us to have a product with properties that convey consumers the sense that they have something more than just a fruit. This is impeding, much, the consolidation of mango in our market.

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Afortunadamente, los europeos se quieren dejar seducir por las frutas tropicales como el mango. Fortunately, European wants to be seduced by tropical fruits such as mango. In Ramafrut we are aware of that and our team will be in charge of listening consumer and responding his needs throughout our brand. La disponibilidad de diversidad es fundamental tanto para el desarrollo de nuevas variedades y portainjertos, dentro de los cultivos ya implantados, como para introducir nuevos cultivos. The global goal of this versatile group is the sustainable use of the genetics resources in subtropical fruit culture in the current conditions as well as considering the forecasts of climate change, since the future sustainability of those cultivations is based in the diversification of both the number of cultivated species and the range of varieties within every one of those.

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The availability of diversity is fundamental for the development. A key tool for the future is the application of genomic approximations to localize DNA markers linked to characters of interest that allow to speed up the genetic improvement programs. For that, different molecular tools, microscopy and field work are combined. The fruit production depends directly on what happens in the flower and this is a key topic worldwide due to the implications of environmental factors over the efficiency of pollination. Our competitiveness in a mid-term involves the differentiation of our products versus others alike arriving into Europe from third countries, what demands to optimize their cultivation in conditions with lower environmental impact.

This goal allows developing sustainable tools to fight against new plagues and illnesses through biologic control as well as via the research of tolerant vegetal material. No obstante, al tratarse de productos que requieren de un mayor desembolso, hace que aumente el nivel de exigencia por parte del consumidor.

P, que desde sus inicios ha estado marcada por el respeto al medioambiente. Empezamos con 3. Esta fuerte apuesta se debe a tres motivos principales. Actualmente tenemos Por ello es tan importante para nosotros. De cara a , somos optimistas. After three years where we have carried out a structural renovation, everything has been positive for our conglomerate of companies.

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We have reduced costs and we have worked together professionally, giving place to a positive situation that has reached clients and has affected positively in the whole business. One of the keys for success is found in innovation in the aspect of commercialization. We believe this is the best path to reach a good final result; we already did it in Germany and we look for this to be a reality outside.


Then, we search a direct collaboration between production and Landgard. Because, moreover, the market has changed a lot and now the client who goes to a supermarket wants to know about the product, to know the producer.

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For that it is so important to us. The success of a good business passes through the combination of different elements that allow differentiation.

From Landgard we have clear that our own product, as well as quality and price are really important, but also producer and client are important. The secret is to have good relationships between all parts. To , we are optimistic.

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We closed with an increase in turnover volume and we expect to continue. We have marked as challenge to increase the cooperation with our clients and providers, and to gain ground in the market. Besides, consumption in Germany is upward and there is good relationship between production and commercialization, so perspectives are goods.

In the strawberry sector of Huelva, in fact, there has been an advance of six weeks and that could diminish much money to production. We can control everything except the climatology. Por este motivo, los supermercados ingleses han intensificado sus exigencias, y piden que el producto cumpla desde el origen con sus requisitos. During the last six years mi work has been totally related to the English market, which, after that period, I consider one of the most demanding in Europe regarding to security, legality and quality of product.

It works with pre-stablished standards of shape, color, flavor and texture which look for providing the product with some internal and external features that satisfy consumer always. These claims, originally done there in the stores, now are increasing with the use of more modern tools as the social networks. And the truth is that everyone nowadays has a Smartphone, a very-easy-to-use tool that allows to take a picture and upload it to the Internet in just few seconds, showing the defect found and pointing directly to the chain in charge.

For that reasons the English supermarkets have intensified their demands and request the product to fulfill their requirements from the origin. Along with the mentioned increase of meticulousness in demands, the English market has also suffered another changes. In last years, due to the financial crisis in part, the trends have been modified by the growth of market share of discount supermarkets, whose prices very competitive have stolen clients to traditional markets. That larger competence also boost the higher demand of quality requirement to make a difference from the discount-supermarkets and avoid losing more quota.

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In the last stage of the chain, other remarkable change has been the increase of the online purchases, which continue growing, as well as the increase of express stores, smaller and inside the urban centers instead of the mega supermarkets on the outskirts of cities that were built before. That last change is mainly due to the intention of consumer of throwing away as fewer quantity of product as possible and, for that, he purchases less quantity but more frequently.

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Each business has its own complexities, specific needs, regulations, etc. Along with that, there are the traceability demands of each one of the food agricultural products, from their treatment in the fields until their arrival to consumers. In fact, the food traceability and the necessity for controlling the mentioned aspect in depth is treated in every process of our companies. From our point of view, the technology for the sector is helping to overcome the troubles where agro organizations are stuck. But not any technology. Any standard management software is unable to fulfill all the requirements the sector demands nowadays.

Indeed, the most specific software is which is helping the horticultural companies to gain competitiveness and, therefore, improve their productive performance and eventual profitability. Our sector is so specific that, unlike other more standard ones, hundreds of aspects require tools that enable an exhaustive control: plantations and their production costs for applied services, work orders in reverse fabrication processes, forecasted production before harvesting, handling of the cooling chain of products, reports about quality parameters varieties, classification per calibers, weights… , creation of articles based on given parameters and further package and distribution, control of batches and caducity of perishable products, etc.

And once again, the traceability demands, from the field to consumers, in each one of the mentioned aspects. From Aritmos, we will keep on working for the technology to continue being an ally of the fresh produce sector aiming to guarantee more competitive and increasingly more modern companies.

A todo ello, se suman las exigencias de trazabilidad de cada uno de los productos agroalimentarios, desde su tratamiento en el campo hasta la llegada al consumidor.