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Sheriff-- Percival Berry, Esq. Court of Requests. William Tye. Postmaster General--H. D'Arch, Esq. Turner and W.

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Corbett Russell. James Andrew Wilson. William Young. Boarding Officer--Mr. David Rough. John Guilding.

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Bateman, Esq. Armed Police. Durie, Esq. New Plymouth. McLean, Esq. Williams, Esq. Vice Consul. Polack, Esq. Private Secretary. Colonial Secretary. Deas Thompson, Esq. Superintendent--Lieutenant Colonel Barney. Acting Colonial Secretary. Merewether, Esq. Lieut Governor. Mundy, Esq.

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  • 1846 - The Auckland Pocket Almanack for the Year 1847 - [Text] p 5-40.
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  • Colonel Clarke. Bickens, Esq. Frederick W. The Rate of Sea Postage to be taken at the Port of Departure in New Zealand on all letters despatched bv ship, not intended to pass through the United Kingdom, is four-pence for a letter not exceeding half an ounce;--and the following is the Scale of Rates to be charged on letters exceeding half an ounce:.

    Bottles of Common Glass, imported full. Bullion and Coin. Horses, Mules, Asses, Sheep, Cattle, and all other live stock and live animals. There are no Harbour or any other Dues chargeable on Vessels entering the Ports in New Zealand; and it is optional with the Master or Commander of a vessel to take a Pilot. One Shilling per foot in any outer roadstead. A fee of 20s. Licenses for the sale of Ammunition are granted on written application at the Office of the Colonial Secretary, for a period of three months, enabling the licensed party to dispose of not more than l lb.

    A fee of 10s. The appearance days are the 10th, 20th, and 28th of every month, except the months of March, April, September, and October; and excepting the following Holidays, viz. If the 20th February or 20th August shall fall on a Sunday, the business of such day shall he taken on the Monday following. Criminal cases will be taken on the first day of each month; civil cases on the seventh. For the convenience of witnesses and other persons attending the Court, non-local business, whether civil or criminal, will have the precedence over local.

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    In case any of the days aforesaid shall fall on a Sunday or holiday, the Court shall be holden on the day following. Sittings of Court. Clerk's Fees. Entering Notice of Special Defence--On debts not exceeding 40s 6d. Entering any Judgment or Order. Every Warrant of Execution--On debts not exceeding 40s: 1s. Bailiff's Fees. For every mile extra, one way , 6d.

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    For Execution of any Warrant against the goods or body, 1s in the pound upon the sum levied or received, or for which the body is taken in execution. If beyond one mile from the Office, per mile,. For conveying any Person to Prison, including all expenses , for every mile, 1s. Bailiff when in possession, per diem, 2s 6d. Allowance to Witnesses. Shortland street Cormack, W. Fort street Grahame.

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    Graham, R. Hughes, W. M'Dougal, John. Fort street Montefiore. Lower Queen street Macky, John.

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    • Nathan, D. Shortland street O'Brien, A. Lower Quern street Polack, J. High street Rich, Edward Shortland street Woodhouse, J. Lower Queen street. Shortland street D. April 1st. April October 9. The Ball at the Yard Arm indicates the direction from which the sail in sight is coming. The following remarks may generally he relied upon as correct, to the North of the East Cape:.

      The seabreeze is invariably from the North, and sets in about 10 o'clock, preceded by a calm, the sky being clear, with every indication of heat. It gradually dies away towards sunset. Should this breeze continue with strength after sunset; and the sky become cloudy, a smart gale may be expected, accompanied with heavy rain, for ten or fifteen hours, when the wind generally shifts to the westward, and the weather becomes fine.

      Wind at South: weather cloudy, will usually terminate in a gale, accompanied with rain, though of short duration.

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      The wind from north-north-east to south-south-east invariably terminates in a smart gale with rain, continuing three or four days. The general shift of wind follows the course of the sun. When it shifts against the course of the sun, unsettled weather may be expected. There is a southerly wind exceedingly cold, with a clear sky and settled fine weather, which frequently continues for several days, terminating in a calm, or a change of wind.

      The westerly gales generally die away at sunset, within a short distance of the shore. Earth up maize, peas, French beans, cabbage, and cauliflower, after rain, or early in the morning. Take off the superfluous shoots from fruit trees. Tie in the young shoots of the vine. Collect vegetable and flower seeds as they ripen. Bud the early varieties of fruit trees. Cuttings may be transplanted and seeds sown, if the weather is moist, for the autumn.